RIGGED! Even More Leaked Debate Questions by Donna Brazile: Did Anyone Ever Ask Hillary About This?

The hits just keep coming. Last night another Wikileaks drop revealed even more questions passed along to the Hillary campaign by Donna Brazile. The headline of the email reads: “From time to time I get the questions in advance” (you don’t say!) and passed along to the Hillary campaign these two debate questions for a Democratic primary debate between Hillary and Bernie:


Secretary Clinton, yesterday in St. Louis, you spoke at carpenters and others “who built this nation.” Both you and Senator Sanders depend on big union support. President Obama pushed for a massive infrastructure bill that would mean millions of jobs for in this area. Yet many of these trade unions have locked out Blacks and other minorities for years. Will you call a meeting with them before November, and if you win, when you are president, to demand that the trade unions stop freezing Blacks and others from these good paying jobs?


Senators Sanders, you and Hillary Clinton have often talked about the problem of income inequality. Many other Democrats have. Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. has talked about the lack of economic upward mobility for Black and other minorities in Silicon Valley and corporate America. Yet Power Pac Plus did a study showing that four years ago, the Democratic Party spent $514 million on consultants, and only 1.7%, or $8.4 million went to minority-owned firms or firms with at least one minority principle. How can the public be assured that either one of you or the Democratic Party can fix income inequality when the same party practices it?

Both questions were used in the debate.

Has any “journalist” in Big Media ever asked Hillary about this? Will anyone? Will anyone believe her answer if they do?