BREAKING: Comey Says Email Investigation Over, Hillary Will Not Be Charged

How’s that for a November surprise? FBI Directory James Comey has written a letter to several members of Congress, saying that the FBI has completed its review of additional emails relevant to the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Comey says “we have not changed our conclusions” from July, when Comey said he would be recommending against prosecution.


And so, with two days to go in the election, Hillary Clinton is, once again, officially off the hook.

Donald Trump is about to go ballistic. I wonder if his handlers will be able to restrain him any further.

UPDATE: To be clear, Comey did not officially say the investigation is over, and technically it could always be reopened. However, with this announcement, make no mistake: it’s over. There’s no reason to pull any punches about what this means, as a practical matter; hence the headline.



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