Hillary PERSONALLY Raised Cash that Went to Campaign of Wife of FBI Official Overseeing Her Investigation

Remember the other day when we learned that Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe had raised money for the campaign of a wife of an FBI official overseeing the Hillary email investigation? That seemed bad enough, since he never recused himself. Well, it’s gotten worse, since it looks like Hillary raised a lot of that money herself:


Hillary Clinton headlined a major fundraiser for a political action committee shortly before the group steered nearly $500,000 to the wife of the FBI official who oversaw the Clinton email investigation, DailyMail.com has learned.

Clinton’s ties to the Common Good VA – a Virginia state PAC run by Clinton’s long-time friend and advisor Terry McAuliffe, its governor – came under scrutiny this week after the Wall Street Journal reported that the group donated heavily to the state senate campaign of Jill McCabe.

Her husband Andrew McCabe led the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails.

Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI, told the Wall Street Journal that he complied with federal ethics rules and was not promoted to lead the Clinton probe until months after his wife’s unsuccessful state senate bid ended.

Saying McCabe “led” the FBI investigation is a bit of an aggressive characterization. He was a supervisor, high up in the chain of command of the team that conducted the investigation. But given all the fuss we saw about Loretta Lynch just meeting with Bill Clinton before the decision, this seems like a big deal. Hillary’s appearance at the fundraiser was on June 26, 2015, and contributions from the PAC went to McCabe’s wife in June, August, and October of the same year.

I said the other day:

Hillary defenders will no doubt argue that McCabe only assumed an oversight position after the political donations, and took steps to stay out of his wife’s campaign after his wife received the donation. Why, his wife’s campaign was even over once he assumed the oversight position! they will say.

That’s not good enough. The American people would naturally assume that, once Hillary Clinton’s longtime and well-known ally scratched the McCabes’ back, Hillary expected a back-scratch in return. That’s how it works, folks. And it’s that kind of crap, frankly, that fuels the anger that drives Donald Trump’s campaign.


Now that Hillary Clinton has been directly tied to the fundraising, the expectation of a quid pro quo is even stronger. When your spouse is running for office, that is a community effort. Many people (not Donald Trump so much, as we’ll learn later today, but many people) fund their own political campaigns. And in a marriage, everything is community property. So when someone pumps a bunch of money into your spouse’s campaign, that’s money in your pocket.

It is astonishing to me that this McCabe did not recuse himself from the investigation into Hillary Clinton. But I guess that’s how Washington works these days. McCabe is certainly not the only person high up in the FBI who has done Hillary a favor or two.



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