Chris Christie Piles On Trump -- As Only Chris Christie Can

Perhaps no Trump surrogate is more infamous for sticking with Donald Trump through thick and thin than Chris Christie. Yet Christie has remained silent about Trump’s “grab them by the p***y” comments — until now. Today, Christie has called the comments “completely indefensible” and says he would have apologized differently than Trump. But, because he is Chris Christie and therefore a repulsive toadie, he is quick to say he still supports Trump (unsurprising) and that he believes Trump is truly sorry (come on):

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie still supports Donald Trump even though he finds the Republican presidential candidate’s sexually aggressive comments “completely indefensible.”

Christie on Tuesday for the first time publicly addressed what Trump has described as “locker room talk” during an appearance on New York City sports radio station WFAN-AM.

In the 2005 recording released Friday, Trump is heard saying he can grab, kiss and “do anything” with women because he is famous. He has denied that he’s ever grabbed women without their consent.

Christie says he made it clear to Trump on Friday that kind of talk, even in private, is unacceptable and the candidate had to be contrite and apologetic.

Christie says he would have apologized differently, but he believes Trump is sorry and embarrassed.

Nobody believes Trump is truly sorry. Nobody. But when you’re a potential candidate for the highest law enforcement office in the land, apparently you have to regularly exercise your lying muscles to keep them in good working order. Just ask Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch. Bug-eyed Rudy got the jump on Christie this weekend, acting as Trump’s designated spokesliar on all the Sunday shows. Christie has some catch-up to do.

If I had to give Christie some advice, I would say: don’t go half-assed on us now, Chris. The whole “dignity” ship sailed long ago. Now is the time to show full-on loyalty. Just imagine you’re standing right behind Donald Trump and let your natural instinct for supplication take over.


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