Paul Ryan: I Will No Longer Defend or Campaign with Trump -- But Vote Trump!

The speculation over whether Paul Ryan will throw Donald Trump overboard is (temporarily) over. Ryan will not rescind his endorsement — “for now.” But he also has said he will no longer defend Trump. CNN:

House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans Monday he will no longer defend GOP nominee Donald Trump and will instead use the next 29 days to focus on preserving his party’s hold on Congress.

“The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities,” Ryan’s spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said in a statement.

In a conference call with members Monday morning, Ryan told lawmakers, “you all need to do what’s best for you and your district,” according to someone who listened to the meeting.

However, The Hill reports that Ryan is not taking back his endorsement:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Monday told rank-and-file Republicans that he will not defend or campaign with Donald Trump going forward, though he is not rescinding his endorsement of the embattled GOP nominee, according to sources on a conference call.

The orange fool, by the way, is none too happy:

Ah, it must be nice for Trump to be back in his natural element: attacking Republicans.

But while the Trumpmeister doesn’t think he needs to worry about Congress, Paul Ryan does. And Paul Ryan has a lot to worry about.

With the revelation of the NBC/WSJ poll showing Hillary up by 11 points nationally, Trump looks like he’s toast — and wasting any more political capital on him must look to Ryan like throwing good money/time/resources after bad. Meanwhile, that same poll shows Americans preferring Democrats to Republicans for Congress — 49 to 42 percent (!!!). That’s a very worrying number. With the prospect of the House majority looking like it’s facing an execution date, Paul Ryan’s mind must be concentrated wonderfully.

And, as Allahpundit notes at Hot Air, Hillary is trying to hang Trump around Ryan’s (and by extension, the House’s) neck:

Ryan is right. Let the reality show idiot fend for himself. If Hillary Clinton wins and also has both houses of Congress, the havoc she can unleash is beyond calculation.


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