Billy Bush to Apologize -- for WHAT?

Billy Bush plans to apologize on Monday’s TODAY show — but I have a feeling that the apology will be for exactly the wrong thing:

Billy Bush is scheduled to be in his anchor seat for the 9 a.m. hour of the Today show on Monday, NBC executives confirm.

He will address his vulgar comments made during a 2005 hot mic conversation with Donald Trump for an Access Hollywood segment, which Bush was then hosting.

“The plan is for him to have a chance to apologize,” said an NBC source.

At this point, NBC executives are clearly hoping that Bush, who just joined the show this year from Access Hollywood, can recover from the scandal that has imperiled Trump’s presidential campaign and the Republican party as a whole.

You know, if some jackass TV anchor was a pig on a hot mic and he wants to apologize for it, fine. Who cares? The man is not running for office.

Here’s the real thing Billy Bush and NBC News should be apologizing for: holding on to this information for so long.

Think about it. Billy Bush is a host of NBC’s TODAY Show. Let me make this very clear: the TODAY show is part of NBC News. Just to drive the point home, let me quote from NBC Universal’s own Web site:

NBC News is a global leader in news across all broadcast and digital platforms. Its leading and award-winning television news broadcasts include NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, TODAY, Meet the Press and Dateline, as well as primetime specials and breaking news reports.

Got that? What this means, ladies and gentlemen, is that a host of an NBC News program had game-changing information about a major-party candidate for the U.S. presidency and said nothing. Billy Bush knew Donald Trump had talked about sexually assaulting women on a regular basis. What’s more, he had this information since 2005 — meaning he had it since June 2015, when Donald Trump got into the race.

And he said nothing.

So we’re told that Billy Bush is going to apologize tomorrow. Lovely. But if I can quote my friend Andrew Breitbart from one of the last tweets he ever sent: apologize for WHAT?

Is Billy Bush going to apologize for being a misogynist pig? Or is he going to apologize for withholding critical information from the voters?

If you ask me, the latter apology is the apology that matters — and that apology is owed to the American public . . . by NBC News.

UPDATE: Looks like Billy may have gotten the Brian Williams treatment:


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