BREAKING: Dan Maes May Drop Out of CO Gov Race

From the diaries by Erick.

Karen Crummy at the Denver Post reports that former CO Senate President John Andrews has withdrawn his endorsement of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes. Andrews met with Maes to encourage him to drop out of the race so the Party can choose another candidate with a chance to beat the democratic candidate John Hickenlooper in November. Andrews, who as late as yesterday said Maes had his unwavering support, told the Post today,


As a conscientious Republican who earlier voted for Dan, I cannot support a manifestly unfit nominee. He has flunked his job interview with the people of Colorado in the weeks since Scott McInnis faded. The party should cut Maes loose if he does not resign the nomination.

He also stated that he would write in Jane Norton on his ballot. Jane would certainly be a front runner for the nomination should Maes drop out as would former candidate Tom Wiens.

Other Colorado politicians to call on Maes to exit the race include former Congressman Bob Beauprez (CO-07) and former Senator Hank Brown. What is still unknown is whether Tom Tancredo would keep his promise to drop out if Maes did. If he didn’t, Hickenlooper would still be pretty much assured he would be elected.

Michael Sandoval at the National Review Online has more on this story.

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