Biden Remarks at WH Military Event Dive Over the Edge Into Complete Delusion

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Joe Biden has been trying to do interviews and events to spin his debate debacle. 

But that's only making things worse, and he keeps stepping into it even more. He told Dem governors that his problem was his brain (which some claimed was a joke) but he said to them that he needed more sleep and to do less work past 8 p.m. No worries, nothing happens past then anyway, right? 


In a call-in interview with a Philadelphia radio host that aired on Thursday, Biden spewed a bunch of gibberish, even mistakenly referring to himself as "the first black woman" to serve under a "black president." Now unless he's had some gender identity issues that he hasn't shared, the last time I checked, he wasn't a black woman. But what he is, is a truly befuddled man who has no idea what he is saying half the time.


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On Thursday, Biden gave remarks at a White House barbecue for service members and their families.

He disgracefully tried to again tell service members and their families the "suckers and losers" hoax about former President Donald Trump. But he's so far gone, he couldn't even get the debunked story right. He even had to stop himself as he started to call Trump a "former colleague." 

He sounded like he didn't remember the name of the cemetery, referring to it as a World War I cemetery. He didn't know how to finish, so he just started yelling loudly. What did any of that have to do with Independence Day? 


But he wasn't finished there. He claimed to the service members that he'd "been all over the world withe [garbling the word] you. I've been in and out of battles, anyway..."

What battle was he ever in? Was this like Hillary Clinton claiming she landed under fire when that never happened? But once again, as with any group he speaks to, he has to make it about him and how he's part of them, whether it's true or not. 

He fills in with "anyway" when he can't finish the sentence he started. If we let him finish he'd probably say he fought in World War I after going to the black church after rescuing Nelson Mandela. 

When he finally leaves the podium after the very brief remarks, Biden looks confused and about a thousand years old. Look at how he's holding onto the podium, as though to help steady himself. 

Jill has to give him instructions. She does not look happy. When she finishes, he then scoots to get off the stage. 

But he's still confused. 


Then, when he was supposedly done talking, somehow, he decided to continue, saying that he wasn't going anywhere. He told a bizarre story about traffic congestion that seemed to have no relation to anything. Just nuts. 

"I used to think, when I was a senator, was there were always congestion on the highways. There's no congestion anymore. None. We go on the highway, there's no congestion. And so what the way they would get me to stop talking they'll say, "We just shut down the roads." 

What the heck? I can't even begin to make sense out of that one. He's completely addled. 

Then he goes to the side and appears confused again about where to go, finally heading back into the White House. 

This is what they want you to vote for. It's shameful that they even propose this, and it shows once again that they don't care at all about America when they do this. 



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