Biden Remarks on Extreme Weather Go From Utter Confusion to Creepy Weirdness

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The Democrats are still in a major meltdown trying to figure out how to deal with Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance. The problem for them? Though they might want to pitch it as a "one-off," they have to keep putting Biden out there so long as he remains the candidate, and he's going to continue to be incoherent and do embarrassing things. That's not only concerning for him being a candidate but for him occupying the highest office in the land. 


On Tuesday, they had him visit the D.C. Emergency Operations Center and give remarks in regard to extreme weather. 

Naturally, he started off with that weird little hop that he does. 

Yet even with a teleprompter, Biden couldn't keep what he was supposed to say straight. 

Someone's going to have to help me with this one.  It sounded something like "Graduating new employees into heat environments?" I have no idea. But unfortunately, I don't think he does either, he's just reading off the teleprompter without any understanding. 

How do we know that? Let's hear the next one. He's going to have a "White House summer on extreme heat." 

I think the teleprompter said "summit,' but he had no idea. 

Then there was this piece of gibberish. 

But hey, at least he's promising to "expand the energy shortages" under his bold and brilliant leadership. 

Then he finished it off by insulting Americans who don't buy into his climate change narrative. So much for his pledge that he's a leader for all Americans. He's doing a Hillary Clinton "deplorables" thing here. 


He says Americans are "really dumb" if they don't agree with him. Maybe when you're incoherent, calling others dumb isn't the flex you think it is. 

Then comes the adventure of Joe Biden leaving the podium. It's always a spectacle with him it seems. He routinely questions which way he's supposed to be going and/or appears to be lost, and this was no exception as people had to direct him, telling him to "Go this way." 

He also got in another weird little hop as he was walking away. 

But I have to say the strangest moment of the visit came when he was shaking hands with people after his remarks. This was bizarre, even by Joe Biden's already bizarre standards. Why was he stroking this man's arm? This is truly creepy. 

Look at his face as he does it -- that's truly creepy. Look at the folks around him, presumably thinking, just what the heck is this guy doing? 

Joe Biden's Weird Obsession With Men's Biceps

I think this is part of that obsession he has with men's biceps. He's talked about it before, and he actually grabbed a random official's bicep when he visited Ukraine. But this stroking is a new behavior I haven't seen before from Joe. This isn't the way that you deal with another human being you don't know, whatever is going on in Joe's befuddled brain. If you did this to an underling, and in effect, he is one, I could see someone potentially calling that harassment, although it looks like this guy tried to deal with it more with humor. We've mentioned Joe's inability to assess appropriate distance/touching behavior in the past. This certainly shows he still has a problem. How many people has he done this to, and what do the HR reports on him look like? Would we even hear about them if complaints were being made?



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