Biden's Befuddled Remarks at Hamptons Fundraiser Further Confirm How Out of It He Is

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The Democrats seem to be trying to fall back on the "it was just a bad night" defense for Joe Biden's debate debacle. If he just flubbed a stat, that might work. But going full-on incoherent isn't just a bad night. And of course, he's had many of those "nights" before, even if they're only acknowledging them now. 


The problem for them is that he will continue to have those problems, as we saw with his screaming and incoherence the day after the debate in North Carolina. 

But those issues also continued with his lies and confusion at his Hamptons fundraiser as well. I mentioned some of that earlier, that he was trying to convince the attendees that somehow his performance had convinced undecideds. 


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Here's the full quote now: 

Second, but I understand the concern about the debate.  I get it.  I didn’t have a great night.  But here’s what I — not getting reported: Voters had a different reaction than the pundits.  Since the debate, polls show a little movement, and we’ve moved us up, actually.  Research on the debate shows it can — you know, all those folks on the edge, converting more undecided voters.  Well, we converted more undecided voters than Trump did, especially on January 6th and who’s fighting for the working class, the middle class.

That's delusional.  A new CBS, post-debate poll has 72 percent saying they think he doesn't have the mental health for the job, with only 27 percent saying they think he does. It also shows a shift of 10 percent of Democrats away from the "should run" to the "should not run" camp. Plus it's Trump who they saw as the presidential one, the person who inspired confidence and explained policies, not Biden: 



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But it got worse. If we're supposed to believe his incoherence was just a "one off" event, perhaps his team would like to explain what he said at the Hamptons fundraiser:

He also lied about how great he was with veterans.  Well, then I told him how he had called the veterans who had given their lives in a cemetery in Italy[France] — he wouldn’t go to the cemetery, and — because he said they’re a bunch of “suckers” and “losers.”  Well, our son was one of those people — not in Italy [France] but in Iraq — and he died.

He retold the "suckers" and "losers" hoax, but not only that, he said the military died "in the cemetery" and confused the country where the cemetery was, saying Italy, when it was France. Indeed, he just visited the cemetery earlier in June, yet even with that, he still couldn't keep it straight in his head. 


Then to top it all off, he claimed his son "was one" of those people who died in battle, except he claimed he died in Iraq. Beau Biden died of cancer, not in Iraq, in 2015. 

So much for Biden being so sharp behind closed doors. Not surprisingly, he's just as incoherent, and it isn't a "one off."



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