Bill Ackman, Piers Morgan Sound Alarm on Biden's Issues While Mark Cuban Defends Him

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We saw the Biden team flipping out and trying to push back against what they termed "fake" videos, like the one of Barack Obama having to take Joe Biden by the hand, to start to lead him off the stage at the Los Angeles fundraiser, walking him off stage, with his arm around him. 


Except it wasn't a fake. 

It was real and that's why they're so upset with it. They know such videos are having an effect, that they're making people wake up and/or speak out about what's going on with Joe Biden. 


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Case in point? Piers Morgan. He said what everyone should be saying: how can the Democrats let this go on? 

They're letting it go on because they don't care about the country or the danger they have put us in, they only care about their own power. 

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman then responded to Morgan and he laid out the reality of Joe Biden for all to see.

I have been criticized by some for sharing these @POTUS Biden videos which appear almost every day. I have read numerous articles which somehow suggest that the camera angle, the duration of the clip or some form of right wing manipulation explains Biden’s behavior on camera. 

Some people are old at 81 and others are sharp, vigorous, and impressive. Compare Warren Buffett at 93 and Biden at 81.  Biden is an old 81 who can’t find his way off a stage or stay present and focused at a G7 conference. Is that who should be the leader of the free world for the next five years?

A president should not have to be led off stage by hand or with an arm wrapped around him. That is the not the image of strength and leadership we need as a country. 

Look at what is going on in the world. The perception of weak leadership in the United States has led to global chaos. The reality of weak leadership is a long-term serious and continued threat to our country. 

The Democratic Party is destroying itself by advancing Biden for a second term. This is the Emperor’s New Clothes in real life. But it is not a children’s book or a joke. The world is at great risk, and a Biden second term is a grave threat to global security and prosperity.


Exactly. The Biden team can spin but they can't get around that. Anyone looking and being honest like Ackman and Morgan are just horrified that the Democrats would put Biden out there for a second term. 

Now while these guys have been paying attention and aren't shy about sounding the alarm, you have Mark Cuban who was either ignorant of the problem or deluded when he responded to Ackman. But his defense of Biden went so wrong as people just skewered every "point" he made. 

You guys both,  @piersmorgan@BillAckman, are so consumed with pandering to your twitter followers, you have lost all objectivity.  I’ll let you both in on a secret. BOTH CANDIDATES ARE OLD. VERY OLD.  They both are going to have senior moments, mis-remember, forget things and have physical frailties. I’ll tell you a not so secret secret: One is great at soundbites, but also thinks in soundbites.  The other is awful at soundbites, but thinks in complete sentences. Voters will decide which we prefer

Morgan noted he and Ackman were more aware of reality than was Cuban. 


Cuban tried to respond. 

But Biden's intelligence and policies are both far worse than Trump's. so even without the incoherence, Biden is far inferior. 

Cuban continued to argue with people throughout the day but it was obvious he believed in various debunked hoaxes about Trump including the Charlottesville and bleach lies, both of which Biden continues to spread. 

He also seemed to blame Trump for the Secret Service having to take him to a bunker when the leftists were rioting, attacking law enforcement, and setting things on fire, rather than blaming the leftists. 

He also seemed to blame Trump for the people who were killed by leftists during his administration. That's bizarre, especially when you should blame the leftists. That''s when you know he's not operating in reality, and Morgan has it right about him.

But leaving Cuban inside, most Americans are at least in the Morgan/Ackman camp where Biden's issues are now too glaring to ignore. And Ackman and Morgan are ringing the alarm to make sure everyone knows about it. 




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