MUST WATCH: Guyana President Lights Up BBC Host Who Tries to Climate Shame Him Over Extracting Oil

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I'd like to introduce you to Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of Guyana.   

What he did in the face of climate activism being thrown at him has now gone viral (almost 3 million views on the video below) and it isn't hard to see why. 


BBC host Stephen Sackur essentially asked him during an interview isn't it a bad thing for you guys to extract $150 billion of oil and gas off your coast because of the carbon emissions that would ultimately be released into the atmosphere? 

Ali's response is just pure gold. He stops Sackur cold and then just rips him a new one. 

First, Ali tells him they have a huge forest in Guyana that basically makes them carbon neutral because of how large it is, "a forest we have kept alive." 

Sackur says, "Does that give you the right to release all of this carbon...."

Ali interrupts him, "Does that give you right to lecture us on climate change?" 

"I will lecture YOU on climate change!" he said, pointing his finger at Sackur. Then he ripped him to pieces, using their own terms on him.  

"Because we have kept this forest alive, that stores 90.5 gigatons of carbon. That you enjoy. That the world enjoys. That you don't pay us for...That you don't see a value in...Guess what? We have the lowest deforestation rate in the world." He said even with the greatest amount they could extract, they would still be "net zero." 


He then flipped the script on the BBC guy asking if he was in the pockets of people who had destroyed the environment. 

There was a little bit more that didn't make the above clip, where Ali explained the importance of paying for the development of the country.

Sackur complained that Greenpeace said the world needs to keep the majority of the world’s remaining fossil fuels in the ground. 

But Ali was not having it.

“You just said that we are 6-feet below sea level. Who is going to pay for the infrastructure? Who is going to pay for the drainage and irrigation? Who is going to pay for the development and advancement of our country?” The President questioned.  

Nice. Would Sackur rather they languish in poverty? How dare this guy tell the president how best to help the people of Guyana survive? That's peak virtue signaling that this guy thinks he can tell another country what to do. But that's an example of just how twisted our media has become. 

Good for the president for giving him one heck of a schooling. That's how you need to treat obnoxious media. 


People just loved it. 


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