Tara Reade Sues DOJ for $10 Million Alleging 'FBI Operation' Against Her After Allegations Against Biden

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In 2020, Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when she was one of his Senate staffers. 

Now, Reade has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice alleging misconduct against her. She's claiming that there was an "FBI operation" conducted against her to try to discredit her after she made her accusations against Joe Biden. And she's asking for $10 million for "infliction of emotional distress," among claims in the tort action.  


The tort claim alleges Reade's Fourth Amendment right was violated as well as violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and state privacy laws. 

Included in the tort claim was a July 2020 grand jury subpoena issued to Twitter from the US District Court for the Eastern District of California demanding all records pertaining to Reade's Twitter accounts.

The tort claim outlines several allegations against the FBI, insisting it was behind suspicious occurrences like disruptions in her bank accounts and a manuscript of her book that had gone missing from a FedEx shipment in November 2020 that further detailed her claims against Biden. 

Her attorney specifically pointed to the E. Jean Carroll case against President Donald Trump. "The United States should not have a two-tiered justice system," Levy said. 

"If President Trump and Mr. Giuliani can be assessed tens of millions in damages for their words; a weaponized FBI that seeks to silence, intimidate and eliminate Joe Biden’s victim, Tara Reade, must also be held accountable; failing to do so means our justice and legal system has become an instrument of political oppression and suppression."

After everything that we've seen from the FBI over the past few years, not to mention what has happened historically, what once might have been hard to believe may not be as much so anymore. We've seen so much bad behavior and political taint the Bureau needs a full review when the new Republican president starts in Jan. 2025. 

The problem for Reade, of course, is that she accused the wrong person — she accused a Democrat, someone not only with the magical "D" protection, but someone they desperately need to help them hold onto power. Had she accused Trump, she could probably make all kinds of wild comments and still clean up. But when it's Joe Biden, suddenly no one is interested in the story, or they will try to downplay it. This complaint won't get anywhere near the attention that the media will give the E. Jean Carroll case; they will just dismiss it. But Reade also won't go on Rachel Maddow's show and "joke" about all the shopping she's going to do after winning a defamation suit. 


Chances anything happens from this suit? I wouldn't bet on it. 


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