White House Snaps When Doocy Asks About Joe Biden Helping Hunter 'Skirt Subpoenas'

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The White House staff has to be pulling their hair out over the Hunter Biden situation at this point. 

As former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed, they probably are hoping that he just would go "away" at this point. 


But as we reported earlier, Hunter seems to be a magnet for bad moves, perhaps taking after his father. I don't know who told him to show up at the House hearing where they were discussing a contempt resolution for him. for blowing off subpoenas on Dec. 13. But his attorney Abbe Lowell was with him, and he should have had more sense. It blew up big time, with Hunter fleeing from the room and Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) calling for him to be arrested and saying he had no "balls." 

A reporter even asked him what type of crack he smoked. It was definitely a madhouse. 


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Fox's Peter Doocy then brought up the Hunter Biden question to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, asking her about him being on the Hill, "How big a headache is that for you?"  

She claimed he was a "private citizen."  Doocy then brought up the last time he was on the hill when Jean-Pierre stepped in it with what she said. She snapped and had a meltdown over what he said. 

Doocy said the last time he was on the hill (on Dec. 13 when he didn't comply with the subpoenas from the House and he verbally attacked Republicans) that Joe Biden was "certainly familiar with what his son was going to say."  So Joe Biden doesn't help him with his business deals "but he does help him skirt Congressional subpoenas?" Doocy asked. 


"That is not even true," KJP huffed. "That is...a jump that is, that is incredibly disingenuous." 

But then "help us out," he asked, allowing her to clarify. 

Yet, she said she had nothing further to offer, and she refused to answer another reporter's question on the matter. 

She learned not to step in it again, as she did last month. But it isn't Doocy who's disingenuous here, it's the White House who isn't being straight whenever it comes to the subject of Hunter Biden and Joe's involvement. They've been telling us tall tales now for the last three years. 

But it's a little too late for KJP to try to clean up what she admitted before, as the House is already looking into whether Joe Biden was obstructing/is obstructing Hunter's testimony and that could be another possible impeachment charge. 


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