Yikes: Ex-CIA Analyst Warns About Intel Agencies Being Involved in 2024 Election

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Looks like electoral mischief might be afoot again. 

According to ex-CIA analyst, now professor at Georgetown University Dr. John Gentry, he believes the alphabet agencies will try to interfere in the 2024 election


"My guess is that the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will reemerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal policies that many intelligence people like." 

Gentry termed the effort to downplay the Hunter Biden laptop as "clearly political" and that "in no uncertain terms" it was done "explicitly" with the "intent to help the Biden campaign."

He said he was already seeing signs. 

"I long have thought we are likely to again see former intelligence officers be politically active against Trump or whomever the Republican presidential candidate is next year, and I expect leaking to resume," Gentry said. "The activities of ‘formers’ have resumed already, a bit before I expected."

He said many had compromised their credibility with the letter that 51 former officials signed suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation." 

Gentry also pointed out how the intel agencies had been compromised by politics, that the standard of not being involved in politics was largely "gone" and political activism was "common." He pointed to two main reasons: former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Gentry said that they did things pursuant to DEI and  "policy actions, in terms of specific recruitment efforts" that helped to precipitate this change. 


He said these actions and woke policies divided the workforce. 

"And even in the Obama period, the analysis director had people who were beginning to talk about, quote, ‘soft totalitarianism.’ That was a direct result of Brennan's top-down, politically driven policies; the totalitarianism being a reminder of the Soviet Union and China and so on. Well, this has a number of effects in terms of performance and in terms of credibility."

Gentry has a new book out that deals with some of what he's been saying, "Neutering the CIA: Why US Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-Term Consequences." He says he hopes Americans realize that there is a "significant political problem within the agencies" that people should be aware of, He said that former members of the intel community saw how effective things were in 2020 and no one suffered any consequences for that, so he anticipates that they will be at it again. 

I think that's a fair bet. We see already how desperate the Democrats are getting and we're just into 2024; things haven't even really kicked off yet. Once we get into the primaries, things are likely to get truly crazy. Yet they're already calling Republicans "Hitler" and trying to get former President Donald Trump booted off the ballot when he's the leading GOP candidate and beating Joe Biden in the polls. 


But so far their efforts have failed and only seem to have served to increase Trump's lead in the polls. 


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