Biden Makes Very Bad Comment About Colorado Ruling on Trump, Gets Confused Over Hostages Question

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Joe Biden made a lot of comments on Thursday, between his Conan O'Brien interview and his remarks to the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce.

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But he also said some concerning and inappropriate things when he was in transit to Wisconsin. 

Notice that he went to Wisconsin. You'll be seeing more of this, as he tries to pull in votes from swing states in what he hopes will be favorable venues. But he's not doing anything to expand the field of folks that would vote for him. 

He appeared to make sure we saw that he could jog half a step, as though that would trump all the other issues that he has. I do find this attempt humorous. But it's ultimately sad, that someone might have workshopped this idea and told him to do it to show how healthy/young he is. 

But then he started to get into trouble, as he often does when he doesn't seem to have a handler to stop him and he has no notes from which to read. He was asked about the ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court booting former President Donald Trump off the ballot in a disgraceful move. I wrote about George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley's take on what an anti-democratic decision this was. 

Jonathan Turley Rips Apart the Colorado Decision Booting Trump Off the Ballot

First, Biden responded with the right thing, that he wasn't going to comment on a court decision. 


But then, because Joe is Joe, he turned around and then commented on it anyway--when he should not have been commenting on a pending matter, especially not because it involves his political opponent. 

"Is Trump an insurrectionist?" a reporter asked. 

Biden then said:

Well, I think it's... self-evident. We saw it all. Now, whether the 14th Amendment applies, we'll let the Court make that decision. But he certainly supported an insurrection. There's no question about it. None. Zero.

This is exactly what he is not supposed to do from his position -- determine someone is guilty before a criminal trial, without even a criminal charge. Not to mention, the facts don't support his claim contrary to his assertions -- where is the evidence that he "supported an insurrection" to support this statement? Biden has pronounced Trump guilty from on high, and now that could adversely impact opinions or force prosecutorial actions, which is why you're not supposed to comment. But that didn't stop him from attacking his political opponent, just one more example of throwing norms and propriety under the bus. 

RedState columnist and lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon also chastised Biden for making such a statement. 


Then Biden appeared confused when he was asked about the American hostages being held by Hamas -- was there any deal expected soon? He said yes. 

The reporter was surprised by Biden's answer. Then Biden, who was confused asked, "Wait, where?" 

He appeared to confuse the Hamas situation with a deal with Venezuela--for Americans they had jailed. 

He then said there was nothing specific about the Hamas hostages to report. 

But this is where we are now, with the alleged leader of the free world not knowing what he's saying about the safety of Americans, and violating all kinds of norms to attack a political opponent.


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