WATCH: Alec Baldwin Gets Into Yelling, Physical Confrontation With Anti-Israel Activist

Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP, File

Anti-Israel protesters were at a variety of places in New York City on Monday, including at Penn Station, where they got in and disrupted things. 

Pro-Hamas Mob Takes Over NYC’s Penn Station, Harrasses Travelers


They were also creating problems at Grand Central Station and protesting DKNY fashion designer Donna Karan's fundraiser for Israel. 

But in a twist of fate, actor Alec Baldwin happened to be walking past activists on West 29th Street. 

When they saw him, they started engaging him, accusing him of supporting Israel. In an example of two excited particles repelling each other, that's when things started to get ugly, with the “The Hunt for Red October” star not taking their abuse and firing back and refusing to condemn Israel.  

He said the man was asking him a "stupid question," and he started yelling at him, getting in his face. That's when there appears to be some physical contact between the two and the police immediately came in and separated them and started directing Baldwin away. 


That didn't stop the action. You can see more on a video on X, where he yells at them to "Shut the f**k up!" They continued to follow him down the street, hurling insults at him."You killed someone, you know that?" one of them yelled. Baldwin turned and responded, "Stop crying." 

“Shut your f—kig mouth, you have no f—king shame,” one man shouted back at Baldwin.

When he was asked if he condemned Israel, Baldwin replied, “No, I support peace for Gaza.”

“Go f— yourself,” the man yelled.

The confrontation ended when Baldwin was able to get through the door he was waiting in front of.

“Your career’s tanking by the way,” the man yelled as the door shut.

Here's a little more on X where they continue to curse him and one woman said, "Tell your wife and your kids we said hi." That sounded like a threat.  

He had been going to teach an acting class and just happened into the wrong area where these characters were causing trouble. The police helped to prevent any further problems. 


While I don't think I'd ever defend anything Alec Baldwin does, what exactly is the point of trying to harass him here? He has nothing to do with anything, but they went after him anyway. It isn't about a "ceasefire"; it's about making everyone agree with them, and trying to justify to themselves that they are in the right. 

Hint you guys? You're not. This is just another example of how out of control these characters are getting, from poor people trying to get home at Penn Station to Alec Baldwin -- they don't care who they abuse, and none of it will get them what they want.


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