Oversight Member Indicates They Might Hold Swalwell in Contempt for Arranging Hunter's Capitol Remarks

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Hunter Biden was supposed to comply with a subpoena and give a closed-door deposition to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. Instead, he showed up on the Senate side of the Capitol and gave a speech attacking the Republicans, on the steps in an area known as the "Senate Swamp." Somehow, "swamp" was apropos for the bunch of bull that Hunter put out there, as he gave the Oversight Committee the finger and blew off the subpoena. 


BREAKING: Hunter Biden Skips Deposition After Self-Serving Speech, Invites Contempt Charge

That now opens Hunter up for a contempt charge, and House Oversight has indicated that they are starting the process. 

House Republicans to Begin Contempt of Congress Proceedings for Hunter Biden for Ditching Deposition

That also raised potential questions for Joe Biden, who knew what Hunter was going to say ahead of time, raising the question of whether he was involved in any obstruction. That could also potentially be an impeachable offense. Plus, Joe Biden had previously said people who defied subpoenas should be prosecuted. 

Whoops: Biden Gets Trapped by His Prior Words About What Should Happen to Those Who Defy Subpoenas

But, there was another part of the story of those remarks that raised a lot of eyebrows -- why was Hunter Biden showing up there with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)? 

What Was Eric Swalwell Doing Standing With Hunter Biden As He Defied Subpoena?

Turns out that it was Swalwell who arranged for him to speak there. Swalwell admitted he did it. 


Describing the president’s son as “a recovering addict who has admitted his mistakes and has been clean for many years,” Swalwell said the former president “has directed MAGA Republicans to weaponize Hunter’s past addiction to attack President Biden, someone Trump and House Republicans won’t acknowledge won the 2020 election.”

“There is absolutely zero evidence Hunter or his father acted corruptly,” Swalwell added. “So I’m not going to sit quietly and let MAGA Republicans do Trump’s bidding in Congress.”

So, you had a member of Congress helping someone who is blowing off a Congressional subpoena. At the very least, Swalwell seems to be serving Hunter Biden rather than his obligations to Congress and the law. That could be a bit of a problem for Swalwell, who was chucked off the House Intelligence Committee for his relationship with a woman believed to be a Chinese operative. Funny how he's helping the Bidens, who are being investigated over alleged corruption connected to the Chinese. 

Now, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) says that they are going to hold Hunter Biden in contempt, but that they should probably pursue a contempt action against Swalwell as well. 


We're going to vote to hold him in contempt. We probably need to vote Eric Swalwell in contempt, because the rumor is that Mr. Swalwell aided and abetted him by setting up his facilities so he could have his [press] conference across the way.

As I noted before, it was confirmed that Swalwell did that; he admitted it. So, we'll have to see how they proceed, but it should be interesting to watch Swalwell try to squirm his way out of this. 



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