Hilarious: Swalwell Gets Leveled With Reality After He Raises Question About Trump, Biden on Middle East

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We saw MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill make a laughable defense of Joe Biden, comparing him to former President Donald Trump in the Middle East, saying the world could spin into World War III without Biden. McCaskill even said it was Trump who had a problem of coherence as opposed to Biden. Sorry, Claire and Joe, as I noted, the American people don't agree with you. 


But it's looking like maybe this was the talking point for the day, because Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made a similar comparison, referencing World War III. 

First, he said he thinks we should pressure Israel to do "more" to reduce civilian casualties, and he said Biden was doing that. That's clueless, as Israel is already doing all it can. To push more is to try to tie their hands behind their backs when they're fighting a war against terrorists. 

Then Swalwell made the laughable comparison. "If Donald Trump was president if he was elected at this time, can you imagine what the scenario would be in the Middle East? It would probably be the United States and Israel in a World War III - type scenario with Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas."

It's truly funny because, yes, indeed, we can imagine how things would be. Trump was president before, so we can tell Swalwell exactly how it would have gone since he seems ignorant on the matter. It was a period of unprecedented peace in the Middle East, with peace treaties like the Abraham Accords signed. Not to mention no new wars.  It was a period where people understood that America was strong and feared getting on our bad side. When Russia bombed too close to our troops in Syria, they immediately had bombs dropped on them. Trump also showed strength by taking out Iran's Qassem Soleimani. 


Swalwell said that Biden hasn't put any troops into the conflict and that he was getting "aid into the region." That response shows yet again how clueless he is.

Biden helped to create a mess by coddling Iran and funneling money to them when they supported the terrorism of groups like Hamas, which then attacked Israel, causing the present war. Even after the attack on Israel and even after Iranian proxies attacked our assets and troops more than 52 times, the Biden team was talking about cutting billions more loose to Iran. Trump didn't make the same ridiculous moves that have emboldened our enemies around the world. Our troops have been fired on dozens of times now, with dozens of injuries, yet the very limited response from the Biden team has not been effective. 

The comparison is stark, and it's not good for Biden. If Trump were in office, we probably wouldn't have the two wars that the world is dealing with now: Ukraine and Israel. So yes, please, do keep spreading this talking point, Democrats. People already know the difference with how bad Biden is on the economy compared to Trump. It's good to make a point about foreign policy as well. 



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