Smells Like a Cover-Up: Some Border Patrol Social Media Accounts Go Dark, Bill Melugin Has Big Questions

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The border has been out of control for some time and Joe Biden seems uninterested in trying to stem the influx of illegal aliens. It's gotten so bad that the Republicans have even talked about impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security head, although Biden would likely appoint someone equally bad in order to keep the doors open to let the flood continue. The Customs and Border Patrol is overwhelmed and not being allowed to properly do their job. Meanwhile, Mayorkas is concentrating on making the agents use the "preferred pronouns" of the illegal aliens. 


So it was quite concerning when the Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, John Modlin, announced that the Tucson sector social media account on X would stop posting and go dark. 

"In light of the ongoing migration surge, all Tucson Sector Border Patrol social media accounts will be paused until further notice," the post said. "We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this challenging time. Honor First."

Seriously? Are they going to try to tell us that there's such a crush of people that they need to pull all the guys, even the ones who do the social media? Do they expect us to believe that? 

Most people saw a darker possibility -- that the information accounts were being shut down because the Biden team didn't want us to know how bad things were -- something the accounts had been revealing to us. 

Fox's Bill Melugin -- who reports on border issues -- was stunned by this action and wasn't shy about expressing how concerning this move was, especially in light of what they had been reporting from that sector.



Just days Border Patrol’s Tucson sector reported having 15,300 illegal crossings last week (highest weekly total ever), Tucson sector BP says it’s pausing its social media until further notice due to “ongoing migration surge”.

This account posts valuable info & data. Wow.

Melugin said this was unacceptable and that they're admitting things are so bad they're cutting off transparency. He said they routinely use photos and data from this account, that this was "unacceptable" and a "bad look." 


Melugin wasn't the only one -- Ali Bradley of News Nation was also stunned. She noted this sector was known for gotaways and had been seeing massive groups, confirming Melugin's number of how high it was last week. 

"The Ajo station is at 580% capacity right now. Now the sector is going dark?" the above tweet concludes.

The National Immigration Center for Enforcement laid out the Biden team with their comment on the matter. 

"If only Border Patrol and ICE were able to police violations of the law like DHS polices speech and public information," they said wryly. 

The bottom line is the Biden team doesn't want us to know how bad it is. The election is coming and Biden has to sell he's done something. If there isn't information coming out, there is no problem, right? Except they would never be successful at such a game. And shutting accounts down sounds like it's about to get even worse. 


Can we say smells like a cover-up?



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