CNN Tries to Explain What's Going on in Israel, but There's a Slight Problem With That Map

AP Photo/Ron Harris

We've seen a lot of bad reporting when it comes to the Israel-Hamas war so far. 

We saw it particularly when it came to the Gaza hospital explosion. A lot of the media just reported what Hamas told them uncritically, and without knowing the facts. Even when an IDF spokesperson called the BBC out on its reporting about the hospital incident after more evidence came out and showed it wasn't an Israeli airstrike, the BBC host wouldn't take responsibility for what they had done. That was symbolic of media in general, which varied from not correcting their false reporting to stealth editing after they were called out on it. 


Is it any wonder Americans so distrust media now with examples like that? The hospital incident was only the latest in a long history of problematic media reporting. When they wouldn't even check facts before running with the story, as you saw in that case, you know there's a problem with basic journalism. 

But CNN somehow managed to be even more incompetent, on Sunday during its reporting, and in a way that many people immediately picked up on. 

Here's the map they threw up on the screen as they were talking about aid to Gaza. 

Here's a close-up. 


Meanwhile, you can see where Tel Aviv and Sderot are supposed to be on the map here. Sderot is just outside of Gaza and Tel Aviv is on the beach. I guess we should be grateful that CNN managed to put Egypt in the right place. 

Looks like CNN is trying to wrest that fake news crown away from MSNBC. 

If you can't even get such basic information right why would anyone believe you as to anything else? How can you claim to be a news organization when you do things like this? There are plenty of maps you can look at and check before you throw something like that up on television. When you do this, it means you can't even be bothered to check. 


What they should be doing is pressing the Biden team on the aid going to Gaza and the risk of it going to Hamas. But I wouldn't bet on that when they can't seem to get the basic aspects of their job right. 



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