Poll: Americans Dash Biden's Hopes With Damning Assessment of His Involvement in Hunter's Biz Dealings

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It's hard to imagine why anyone would vote for Joe Biden at this point, given everything he's done in office. 

His foreign policy has been awful and we're seeing some of the bad results of that affecting the world now, from Afghanistan to Israel. Everything he touches has gone bad. 


Then there's his economic and domestic approach, which is costing Americans hundreds of dollars more in higher prices for everything each month. 

Who would want more of the chaos that Biden has brought? Why would anyone vote in someone who has been taking money right out of their pockets with Bidenflation? And the other problem for Biden is that people can remember back to the Trump administration -- when they didn't have any of these problems, and they weren't being crushed by inflation. 

Now, add on top of that, more and more evidence evolving about the Biden financial dealings scandal. Biden was already low in the polls, more news on this with the impeachment inquiry is likely to do in whatever support Biden has left. 

According to a new AP/NORC poll, most adults think Biden did something illegal or unethical with his son Hunter's business dealings. Sixty-eight percent say that Joe Biden at the very least acted unethically, including more than a third -- 35 percent -- who say he did something illegal. Only 30 percent think Biden has done nothing wrong regarding Hunter’s business dealings.


That has to be a big blow for Biden, who keeps claiming he wasn't involved with his son's business. That means the public doesn't think he's being honest with them. Why should they, since all the evidence indicates that Biden hasn't been honest on the matter? He's been caught, over and over again, not being truthful on this and so many other subjects. That just makes it worse in the eyes of the public 

Biden is now facing an impeachment inquiry on the matter, and people asking if he's been compromised. 

It doesn't get any better for Biden, when you dig into the other areas. 

Seventy-eight percent of adults believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that includes 64 percent of Democrats and 95 percent of Republicans.

Most adults do not approve of his handling of the economy, student debt, or the federal budget, and give him an overall approval rating of 38 percent, and he has 61 percent disapproval. That's a mighty weighty disapproval number for someone who claims to be running again for office, and those numbers are even worse when it comes to the economy, with only 31 percent approval and 67 percent disapproval. 


The Democrats have to be very unhappy with numbers like this -- and a standard bearer who can't seem to hold that standard without tripping. 

Some in the poll had a lot of questions about Joe Biden's competency and his age. 

Plus, in the prior AP poll from August, when Americans said the first word they thought of when they thought of Joe Biden, the biggest number responded with “old,” “senile,” and “dementia,” and Democrats have to be sweating bullets. With these new numbers, expect those heavy conversations that are probably going on behind the scenes about replacing him to kick up again.  


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