Laugh of the Day: Hot Mic Catches Funny Reaction to Sunny Hostin's Question to Pete Buttigieg

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Any time "The View" folks are involved in a story, you know there is likely to be silliness. Add Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg into the mix, and that doubles the possibilities. 


Let's face it. Going on that show, for Democrats, is not exactly a hard job since the show is so rabidly liberal and you can expect softball questions. But the Biden team is such a mess, they're in such a state at this point, that they even managed to have a controversy on that show. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin was asking about a potential government shutdown, and even spinning on the Biden team's behalf, saying that they had "spoken a lot on this show about the list of successes" that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have had  "during this administration." 

But she bemoaned that "that information, that messaging, it doesn’t seem to be resonating with the country." 

"What would you list as the administration’s accomplishments, or at the very least, why hasn’t this administration been able to find that bridge with more voters and the GOP?" Hostin asked Buttigieg. 

But as the camera goes to Buttigieg, before his response, you hear a woman saying, "Uggn, oh my, God." 

Now, that's truly funny. If they're upset that they're getting that very basic question, even spun in their favor, you know what trouble they are in. 

This is a common media theme now to help the Biden team -- the American people just don't understand how much amazing stuff has been done, it's a messaging problem. They're blaming the American people, throwing them under the bus, they're just too dumb to get it. 


Of course, Pete's answer is nonsense and not an answer. The American people want to know how they're going to stop getting hammered by inflation, and the Biden team has no answers.  

But the problem is that it's a policy problem -- the policy that has resulted in continuing inflation that has taken the money out of the pockets of the American people. The American people know it. You can't tell them differently when they see less in their wallets under Biden. They know who is responsible for it and they blame Biden for it, in poll after poll. Plus, when you act like they're dumb and just don't get it, you only make the people more angry. 

As I wrote on Friday, polls also show that if there is a government shutdown, a plurality of the American people are likely to blame Biden and the Democrats. 

So media spinning and helping them, and disgusted exasperated voices off-screen aren't going to change anything. Only a radical change of policy  -- to something sensible, i.e. not spending our money like drunken sailors, is going to save them. However, that isn't likely to happen anytime soon with the Biden team. 

But it's funny that they can't even deal with their liberal media lackeys anymore, that's how messed up they truly are. 



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