Gavin Newsom's Amusing Panic About His Kids Being in Joe Rogan 'Micro-Cult,' Where It Might Lead

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Democrats and the liberal media are always complaining about "misinformation" -- even though they are some of the most frequent purveyors of it. 

For them, I think "misinformation" or "disinformation" equates to anything that they don't agree with or don't like. And of course, they seem to be all-in on the efforts to suppress it. 


Bloomberg had an article earlier in September, where they were asking California Gov. Gavin Newsom his concerns about the positives and negatives of AI (artificial intelligence). He spoke about how he had made use of it in his job, that the speechwriters had utilized AI. And you wonder about why what he's had to say has come across as bizarre and confused? 

The funniest part of the article was where he described his concerns about the dangers of misinformation.

Have you talked to your kids about AI?

I had a very serious conversation with my oldest daughter about the chatbots on Snap… [Separately,] I really worry about the misinformation, disinformation… about what's happening with our country, but I really worry about these micro-cults that my kids are in… I say micro-cults because I don’t know if there’s a better way to describe it. My son is asking me about Andrew Tate, Jordan Petersen. And then immediately he’s talking about Joe Rogan. And I’m like, here it is, the pathway. 


How funny is that? He's worried not because his kids are doing something bad like using drugs; he's upset they're in "micro-cults" because they're willing to listen to people like Joe Rogan who might question the narrative or who are not fully within the Democratic camp. Joe Rogan may be "the gateway." 

That's pretty hilarious. To what?  Independent thought? Truth? The horrors! We can't have that. That, of course, is the underlying point of what he's saying -- folks like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan are dangerous and should not be listened to. Typical Gavin, anti-free speech. 

Those aren't micro-cults, Gavin. For the micro-cults and the misinformation, you might want to look to the Democrats who pushed Russia collusion, and all kinds of other falsehoods, on networks like CNN and MSNBC.

But it's no wonder he may be concerned about his children listening to Joe Rogan. Because Joe Rogan has not been shy about criticizing Newsom, calling him a "conman" -- and criticizing his mandates and how he has hurt California. "Just a stone-cold narrative-driven politician," Rogan said about Newsom. 

But this is good news. It shows that even in a house that has to be full of Democratic propaganda, a little light may still shine through, that there's hope for the kids coming up in the future because of independent media. Even under the trying circumstances of living with Gavin Newsom, a little light can shine in. 



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