WATCH: Mike Lindell Lets Loose When Dominion Employee Lawyer Dares to Question Quality of His Pillows

Credit: Collin Rugg/Twitter

I previously wrote about the FBI raiding the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell last year. You know things are getting a little crazy when they're doing things like that, when they tracked him down in a Hardee's in Minnesota. 


That was wild enough. But don't ever question the quality of MyPillow products. Not if you don't want Mike Lindell to let loose. 

Lindell was in a deposition in March in a defamation suit being brought by a Dominion employee. 

Lindell was already not holding back about the lawsuit during the deposition calling it "frivolous." He also called the lawyer an ambulance chaser. 

This is a frivolous case and if you’re representing this guy and you’ve read this case, you are a disgusting lawyer, period. I can’t believe anybody would take this. This is absolutely disgusting, it’s a disgrace to our country, it’s a disgrace to you.

Lindell said he's "lost everything" and called the attorney "evil." 

But when the attorney referred to "lumpy pillow calls," that's when Lindell really let him have it, and the video of the exchange has gone viral with millions of views. I think it would be fair to say that you don't usually hear someone let loose like this in a deposition. 

Warning for graphic language: 


“No, they’re not lumpy pillows, that’s not what they call on,” Lindell said. “When you say lumpy pillows, now you’re an a***hole, you got that? You’re an a**hole, is what you are.” 

Lindell's attorney off camera then tried to stop his client, but Lindell was not going to be checked on that. “No, he’s an a**hole. He’s an ambulance-chasing a**hole. That's what you are.” Lindell proclaimed. 

 “Lumpy pillows, kiss my a**! Put that in your book!" Lindell declared. Lindell said he wanted to hear about any complaints and deal with them. He explained that they did what they could to make people whole, even if the problem complained about wasn't their fault -- if it was a problem like Fed Ex not delivering it. 

"Nobody calls because of a lumpy pillow,” he said telling the attorney that he "obviously" didn't have a My Pillow. "You don't do ya?" Lindell said. "A**hole." 

I'm an agnostic on the pillows because I never had one, so I can't comment on their quality. My colleague Bob Hoge likes them. But it's hard to get a more passionate defense of Lindell's pillows than that, not to mention saying it in a deposition. 


The left is sharing it because they think it makes him look bad, while not understanding. The right is sharing it because they think it's based. And a lot of people are now saying they're going to buy a pillow because that's how a company head should feel about his product. So if someone thought it was going to make him look bad, it appears to have backfired with more orders for his pillows. 


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