WATCH: James O'Keefe Catches School Board Calling Police on Citizens for Looking Unfamiliar, 'Trumpish'


We're seeing some wild moves by schools lately. As we reported, there was action by the Vanguard School in Colorado booting a 12-year-old kid out of class for having a Gadsden Flag on his backpack. The school caved after the public backlash and young Jaiden's standing up for his rights has now encouraged kids who want to put up the flag on their lockers.  


But there are a lot of issues in schools, as James O'Keefe shows in his latest video. 

It gives one a view into the psychological take on how a school board in Livingston, New Jersey deals with citizens who might want to voice concerns. It is not a positive look. It's a look through body cam videos that the O'Keefe Media Group was able to obtain from the police that revealed the conversations between the school board and the police. 

The video appears to show a Livingston school official talking to an officer who is wearing a body cam. The official, the executive assistant to the Superintendent, tells the officer that they called the police because they didn't recognize the people, She didn't think they looked like "Livingston," and she thought they looked "Trumpish."  

The officer is perhaps unintentionally funny, he asks if she thinks they are something like "Antifa" or something along those lines. He gets who is dangerous while the official is concerned they might be "Trumpish."  But the citizens are part of O'Keefe Media Group including James O'Keefe. 


O'Keefe told the police he was a journalist. Then the officer went back in and the body cam revealed that he said to them, he "could care less" that O'Keefe was a journalist, he should worry about his town, "He can be a journalist all he wants, I don't answer to [him]."  

O'Keefe notes the officer apparently forgot he was wearing a body cam that caught all this. He chastised the officer saying that he doesn't answer to citizens/citizen journalists. He notes that the Open Public Meetings Act in New Jersey ensures that the public can attend all school board meetings, regardless of where they live. 

At one point, the officer also offered to run the license plates of the citizens. Another school official says she got video of everyone in the parking lot and the officer says, "I can run the plates." That's concerning when they haven't committed a crime or even done anything apart from being unfamiliar and "Trumpish." Then he says he just starts "scanning" all the plates, even those not related to the O'Keefe group. 

How they dealt with the O'Keefe group is so wrong, it's an open public meeting -- any member of the public is welcome. Then, stereotyping people and deeming them suspicious seems the opposite of what they would allegedly be pushing in a diversity and inclusion class. So what are they trying to say here about "Trumpish" people? 


O'Keefe described how he then followed up with the Livingston Police Department and Captain Tom Smith. O'Keefe says he has more videos coming about what was said about all this. 

So stay tuned, more to come. 



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