Biden Cracks Jokes, Snaps at Reporter, Talks 'Landfill' at Bizarre Hurricane Idalia Presser

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Unfortunately, the powers that be at the White House occasionally have to let Joe Biden out, and when they do, it often goes very wrong. 

Biden was at FEMA Headquarters with Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas, talking about the response to Hurricane Idalia. The president said that he had approved a disaster declaration for the states affected, including Florida. Biden said he had spoken to Gov. Ron DeSantis and would be visiting Florida on Saturday morning. 


It started badly with Joe Biden trying to crack jokes. There's the guy that they told us was so empathetic. This was something he tried when he visited the aftermath of the disastrous fire in Maui. It did not go well there, and it didn't go well here. He joked about having his back turned to the majority of people. 

There was mostly an uncomfortable silence in response, a couple of attempts at a laugh. This wasn't the time to be joking, just like it wasn't the time in Maui to be joshing about the ground feeling hot after the fire that killed so many people. 

Then Biden moved on to the obligatory climate change part of the exercise when normal things like hurricanes are somehow due to warming, disregarding that hurricanes have been happening in Florida forever. The Democratic answer to climate change, and frankly everything else? Always "Give us more money!" 

Unfortunately, once again, Biden proved he had no idea what he was saying when he spoke about the Category 3 hurricane making "landfill" instead of "landfall."


Landfill = pretty much any Democratic policy. 

Biden got upset when he was asked a question by a reporter that didn't pertain to the FEMA briefing. 

"Let's talk about why I'm here," Biden snapped, getting angry at the reporter. He couldn't temporize because he only had his notes for this meeting and didn't have a script for what they asked him about, so he couldn't answer that question. 

He did struggle through one response, though, that wasn't related to the hurricane: What do you do about the flow of drugs at the border?

Biden said he couldn't secure the border until he is given billions of additional dollars "to deal with the technology needed." The answer is always more money, yet it never resolves the problem. If it doesn't work, Democrats say just give us more money, it'll work this time. That's their whole "policy" approach.

But then, when he finished his remarks, he was completely lost. He had no idea what he was supposed to do, looking around, saying in bewilderment, "Where am I going now?" 


This is so embarrassing, and it's shameful that the powers that be continue to put him out there. Having this man at the button (or whoever is really behind this mess) is putting us all in danger.

As I reported earlier, the White House isn't even able to keep up with all the reports, gaffes, incoherence, and backlash, with Biden's biographer making the revelation about Biden being frequently "tired." They've had to tailor his whole schedule around having to deal with that. But they're not being transparent about it, or his health, or why he was seen with his doctor this week. 

But they can't stop these embarrassing and damaging moments from happening. 



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