Biden Descends Into Complete Incoherence in New Mexico

Joe Biden speaks about Bidenomics in Belen, New Mexico. (Credit: RNC Research)

Joe Biden’s swing through Arizona and New Mexico to push his climate change agenda and “Bidenomics” has not gone well so far.

As we noted, he designated a new monument which is raising a lot of questions about whether this move will harm our national security. His move also helps the Russians by cutting off our ability to develop uranium deposits within the ambit of the land blocked off by the national monument. The land in question is almost a million acres, including land far away from the Grand Canyon, the area the new monument designation was supposed to protect. There’s also a question about how much land is being taken from private citizens and how it may affect their rights.


On top of that, he didn’t seem to understand what the number and nature of the wonders of the world were, and he showed off some full-blown hypocrisy with a huge gas-guzzling motorcade while sermonizing about climate change.

Then Biden did an interview with Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel, which I would have to say is one of the worst and wildest he’s ever done. Amongst the madness, he falsely claimed that he already declared a national climate emergency, claimed they “passed the $368 billion climate control facility” (?), basically said we were responsible for anyone fleeing extreme weather from anywhere, claimed the federal government was going to replace all lead pipes in the country, and said he wanted to stop all drilling, but the courts stopped him. The interview was a horror show.

I guess he wasn’t quite done with the confusion yet. From the Grand Canyon and Arizona, he went on to Belen, New Mexico, where he again tried to slap a pretty face on his bad policies and sell them as a success.

He immediately had difficulty and had to read the name of Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) off his notes.


He also told a lot of his usual falsehoods.

However, that was the good part. It got worse from there. He’s getting to where the incoherence is getting so bad, it’s difficult to even decipher what he was trying to say. This was just bizarre.

“The problem was too many people are working! Or working people are working making too much money. That’s not the problem,” Biden said. I’m thinking the “problem” there was Biden just had no idea what he was saying and got completely lost in the words.

Do we have to ask why they continuously have Biden on vacation? Because when he isn’t, and he’s making comments like this, he’s a train wreck.

Then there was this bad moment.


“Imagine if a long time Roosevelt and telephones came along and said we’re not gonna help invest in telephones. C’mon, man!” Biden opined.

What does “Roosevelt” have to do with telephones, and what is he trying to say here?

Then he claimed that he had “hibernated” in Iowa for “awhile.”

You can hear a couple of people laughing uneasily, as though they’re thinking, “Is that supposed to be funny, but what is he saying?”

He wrapped up his remarks with his usual confusion trying to get off the stage.

Then there was even a question about whether or not he was shaking hands with a Secret Service man. He shook hands with a guy with an earpiece and appeared to say that he, Biden, used to work for the man.


Biden did shake hands with a Secret Service man recently, so it could be. You can see the Secret Service guy behind Joe grin when he shakes the guy’s hands. Is Biden even able to distinguish the difference between them and the regular people anymore? But I guess that’s better than shaking hands with the air.



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