WATCH: Mike Pence Rebuked in New Hampshire by Voters Calling Him 'Sellout'

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When people are writing more about how your campaign is imploding than what they think you might have to bring to the office, your chances in the campaign are probably not good.


That’s where we are with former Vice President Mike Pence at this point.

He already was on the wrong side of most of the Republican voters by saying he doesn’t think former President Donald Trump should ever be president again. Trump is in the lead by a massive amount in most polls of the Republican primary.

Then he said Joe Biden had been slow in providing military resources to Ukraine, and again stepped in it big time during an interview with Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on the issue of Ukraine.

Pence said some good things in response to the Trump classified documents indictment but then really blew it with his reaction to the latest Special Counsel indictment concerning the 2020 election. While Vivek Ramaswamy delivered rousing remarks calling it “a political persecution, through prosecution” and an attempt to eliminate Trump from the race, Pence delivered the worst response. Pence seemed to ignore the bigger picture of the attempt on the left to weaponize the government against the top GOP candidate while talking about his thoughts about how he upheld the “Constitution.” But if you aren’t standing up for the rule of law and against the weaponization of the government by your political opponents, you aren’t standing up for the Constitution. If his interview with Tucker didn’t do him in, his remarks about the new Trump indictment did.


Then he made it even worse with more remarks, as my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell explained, calling Trump’s attorneys “crackpot lawyers” who encouraged him to challenge the election.

He’s also trying to promote himself as “too honest” selling merchandise and claiming that Trump called him that on Jan. 1.

But here’s what Mike Pence was saying on Jan. 4, 2021, at Rock Springs Church in Milner, GA, for a Georgia Senate event for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.


“We’ve all got our doubts about the last election,” Pence said. “I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities. And I promise you, come this Wednesday,” he said, referring to the impending certification of election results, “we’ll have our day in Congress. We’ll hear the objections. We’ll hear the evidence.”

It doesn’t sound like it was just “crackpot lawyers,” and what he’s saying now certainly seems to conflict with what he was saying he was thinking on Jan. 4, 2021.

There’s a reason that he is polling so low in the campaign—at around three percent—and why people are turned off to him. Voters in New Hampshire let him know exactly what they thought about him this weekend.

They called him a “traitor” and a “sellout.” One asked, “Why didn’t you uphold the Constitution?”


That last remark got to him. He turned and said, “I did uphold the Constitution.” Pence being Pence, then took a shot at the voter, saying, “Read it.” Oh, that will surely get more people to vote for you when you answer like that. It’s hard to keep imploding from three percent, but Mike Pence just keeps doing it.



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