Devon Archer to Appear Before House Next Week, Has Already Testified Before Grand Jury

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I reported earlier on the important testimony that Hunter Biden’s former business partner is expected to give to the House Oversight Committee. He’s expected to tell the Committee about at least 24 phone calls that involved Joe Biden during business meetings Archer had with Hunter Biden and others, according to the new report from the New York Post. Not only that, Archer was Hunter’s partner and close friend, so he’s very knowledgeable about where all the bodies are buried in the business and is likely to have a lot more he could say as well. He dealt with Hunter for years on all these foreign deals.


Now the timing of when Archer is going to speak to the Committee has just been announced. Archer is going to give a transcribed interview on July 31. As Fox’s Martha MacCallum says here, Joe Biden has denied being involved in any way with this son’s business. Archer “can shed a lot of light” and “potentially blow the thing wide open.”

MacCallum also pointed to the statement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Biden’s main Democratic primary opponent, on the matter, saying that there needed to be more of an investigation into the Biden scandal.

Meanwhile, Archer’s attorney Matthew Schwartz has released a new statement that reveals some intriguing information. He says Archer has testified before a federal grand jury and confirms Archer will appear before the House Oversight Committee next week.


Devon Archer believes strongly in the rule of law and the democratic system, and is prepared to answer the Committee’s questions just as he has already answered similar questions from a federal grand jury, the Department of Justice, and several other government agencies in their investigations concerning the Biden family. There have been many leaks and much speculation about Mr. Archer’s potential statement to the Oversight Committee, but next week, Mr. Archer will get to speak for himself.

A close associate of Archer’s said that he was testifying because he believes it is his “civic duty.”

He has “nothing to hide, no revenge to enact nor anyone to protect other than his family and he feels he has been handcuffed by the absurdly bogus [fraud] case into remaining silent. In a forum where he has immunity, he can at least start to speak truth.”

Since news broke that Archer would testify before the Republican-controlled committee, his family has been receiving death threats and warnings to “keep your mouth shut.”

That’s more than a little concerning when you have a witness being threatened, so hopefully, he’s getting adequate protection.

But in addition to the Oversight interview, what’s intriguing here is the revelation that Archer has been before the federal grand jury and “answered similar questions.” That raises questions if there is something ongoing in the Biden matter or if this was just regarding the tax case against Hunter Biden. If it’s regarding these questions, i.e. Joe Biden’s involvement, it might suggest that indeed this area was/is being pursued, that it’s not just the tax matters. I hesitate to hope for anything when we’ve seen how badly the FBI and the DOJ have handled everything. But that is an interesting bit of news, and we’ll let you know if we get more clarification on that.




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