Plaskett Gets Taken to the Cleaners When She Tries to Stomp on RFK's Ability to Speak

Jim Jordan shuts down Stacey Plaskett at Weaponization Committee with RFK Jr. (Credit: Citizen Free Press)

Democrats have truly been on the rampage the last couple of days as their narratives have been slowly crumbling down and they show their true colors.

We saw on Wednesday as they lost it during the testimony before the House from two IRS whistleblowers about the slow-walking and interference in the Hunter Biden probe.


On Thursday, they were at it again, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke before the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. RFK Jr. gave a riveting opening statement to the Committee. Democrats were doing all they could to try to shut him down, even voting to censor him.

But that didn’t stop him, so they tried everything they could to continue to slime him and cut him off. The ranking member, Delegate Stacey Plaskett, the Democrat from the Virgin Islands, even threw a fit with the time that he was being given to speak. So much for free speech. The Democrats are not big fans of it when it might expose their censorship. But Chair Jim Jordan was having none of that, and he stomped all over her attempt.

They were giving Kennedy five minutes although Jordan mentioned he might get additional time given some witnesses getting additional time in the past. That set Plaskett off.

“Let’s just squash the time for all the witnesses, then,” Plaskett said in a snippy fashion.

Jordan then said sarcastically, pointing out her goal, “And if you want to cut him off and censor him then, you’re welcome to.”

She tries to recover by saying “That’s not my job” and saying he should “threaten a witness” which had nothing to do with what was going on, and indeed, it’s the Democrats who are trying to steamroll a witness here.


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) yielded Kennedy some of this time so that he could respond to the smears.

Kennedy went on to shoot down some of the accusations that Plaskett and some of the other Democrats were trying to smear him with.

Kennedy pointed out that suggesting he was making a film that was racist or espousing theories that were racist was ridiculous. He pointed out how it was his uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) who then called for hearings on the Tuskegee Experiment. RFK Jr. said that had a deep effect on him. But Plaskett then interrupted again even though it was his time to speak. Jordan had to interject and tell her to let him speak.

Kennedy continued, “To say that I created a film that encourages blacks not to get adequate medical care is just completely abhorrent.”

Plaskett interrupted again, “Don’t use my words…”

Massie then told her, “Do not censor the witness.”

She claimed, “I’m not censoring the witness.” Even as indeed, she was talking right over him and censoring him. That’s where Democrats are now, don’t look at what I’m doing here, right in front of your eyes.


Massie let her have it and stopped her, “It’s my time, and I’ve given it to the witness. Do not censor him.”

Kennedy went on to call what the Democrats were saying, “Defamations and malignancies.” He said they just don’t want people to hear what he’s saying.

Plaskett’s actions were just demonstrating how desperate they were not to have him speak, or if they failed at that, to try to discredit him. Imagine the irony: they’re censoring someone in a hearing about censorship. That says everything about how twisted Democrats are on the subject at this point.

Why? Because there is a famous Democrat who is exposing their censorship racket, and he can speak very authoritatively on it because they did it to him and the receipts are there. Democrats who might not listen when Republicans are talking about censorship are likely to be listening when Kennedy talks about it. That isn’t going to make the Democrats or the Biden administration look good.


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