HOT TAKES: Mitt Romney Gets Mocked Into Next Week Over His Ode to the Hot Dog

Mitt Romney's ode to the hot dog. (Credit: Mitt Romney)

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has done a lot of cringeworthy things over the years, and in my opinion, he’s truly earned the title of “Republican in Name Only” that some have given him. One of his most offensive moves was to vote in favor of the impeachment of President Donald Trump over his question about Joe Biden’s corruption.


But on a day when we saw his fellow senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) release the FD-1023 bribery form that further showed evidence of Biden’s corruption, an FBI official’s statement confirmed that the FBI knew the laptop was real yet FBI agents were told not to reveal that information, and the Weaponization Committee took on the censorship of people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr, what did Mitt Romney go viral for talking about? Hot dogs.

I’m not sure what his people were thinking or who thought this was a good idea. Perhaps someone thought it would “humanize” him more. If that’s what they thought, I’d say it was a spectacular failure.

“Well as you all know, today is National Hot Dog Day, and perhaps you know that hot dog is my favorite meat,” the Utah Republican said in a video posted on Twitter showing him wearing a hat with a hot dog on it while walking through the halls of Congress with a hot dog in hand.

“I love hot dogs, I love them in buns, I love them outside of buns, I love them with baked beans, I just love hot dogs, it’s the best meat there is without question. So to all of you who like me are celebrating National Hot Dog Day, congratulations to you, and may there be many, many more hot dogs served in our wonderful land.”


It went viral and now has more than 5 million views. I think it’s fair to say that virtually all of the replies are mocking Mitt talking about his “favorite meat.” Could it get any worse? He was even wearing a hot dog hat while sounding like a recitation of “Green Eggs and Ham” with his “I love them in buns. I love them outside of buns.” Perhaps the most Bolshevik thing of all, he put ketchup on the hot dog.

People just let Romney have it for how cringe it all was.

It reminded attorney Harmeet Dhillon of the infamous Mitt Romney dog story from 2012 about having the pooch up on the roof of the car during a family trip.

“Mitt Romney’s go-to is silence,” Riverton, Utah Mayor Trent Staggs — Romney’s Republican challenger for his Utah Senate seat — said. “On sending troops to Ukraine? Silence. On continued weaponization of the justice department? Silence. We’re thrilled to at least know where he stands on hot dogs, though.”


Staggs also made the great point that Romney’s efforts in essentially helping Joe Biden helped make that hot dog he was holding cost so much more now because of Bidenflation. “If Mitt Romney hadn’t worked so hard to get Biden elected that hot dog in his hand would still be half the price,” Staggs declared.

It is hard to believe that once upon a time, Mitt was the Republican candidate for president.


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