Bud Light's Latest Attempt to Save Themselves Shows Exactly Why They've Hit Another Embarrassing Low

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We’ve been tracking the downfall of Bud Light and it hasn’t been getting any better for them since they endorsed transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s “365 Days of Girlhood” and mocking women.


Their sales have continued to plunge and they’ve lost their number-one beer in America status to Modelo. As we noted last week, sales were down almost 30 percent from the prior year. They were trying to dig themselves out by offering rebates for this holiday weekend that essentially made a lot of the beer free, just like they did over Memorial Day. It didn’t work then, and it probably isn’t going to do much now either. They’ve even dusted off the Bud Knight and tried to drag him out for people. But that didn’t do it for them.

The CEO Brendan Whitworth has now issued multiple statements, none of which have helped (especially since none of them contained an apology). During his interview last week, he wouldn’t even give an answer when asked about endorsing Mulvaney again, just saying Mulvaney got a can as a “gift.”

But Mulvaney contradicted Whitworth, saying they hired him and bashing Bud Light for not standing by him.

Now, the brand has released an ad to try to appeal to men, and they’ve shown that not only don’t they understand what women are, they don’t understand men either. The ad features Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce and is titled “Backyard Grunts with Travis Kelce.” This was supposed to appeal to guys.


“Man Bud Light is going for the death blow at this point,” one commenter wrote. “This is what they think of their client base, stupid grunting cavemen.”

“Hey look! ‘Fratty’ and ‘out of touch’ is back in style at Bud Light,” another wrote.

“I don’t understand how this appeals to Bud Light’s target market, transgender youth,” a third comment said.

They tried another ad a couple of weeks ago that was similarly desperate and failed.

They got rid of Alissa Heinerscheid the VP of marketing, who thought she needed to remake the brand from “fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor.” But now they’ve gone from a man pretending to be a little girl to having grunting non-verbal men. They seem to be completely clueless.

This is the view of American men that Bud Light is pitching to us on the Fourth of July? And on top of it no one, including Kelce even drank the beer. They just keep digging that hole deeper.

Now, there’s also word that in some places it’s selling for less than water too in some American warehouses.

Andy Wagner, the manager and 18-year veteran of Glenn Miller’s Beer & Soda Warehouse in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania told the New York Times that a 30-pack of Miller Lite was selling for $24.99, while a 30-pack of Bud Light was priced at $8.99 after a rebate.

“At this point, it’s cheaper than some of the cases of water we’re selling in the back,” Wagner said. “It’s just not moving like it used to.”

“It’s not that they stopped drinking beer,” he added. “They just stopped buying Bud Light.” He said Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch broke the “bar rules,” meaning “no politics, no religion.”


At this point, Bud Light crossed that red line and it doesn’t look like they’re going to recover any time soon, certainly not if this is what they keep doing.



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