New Report: More Biden Censorship of US Social Media in Collusion With Ukrainian Spy Agency

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A 27-page report released on Monday by the House Judiciary Committee revealed more alleged social media censorship from the Biden administration, this time in a concerning collaboration between the FBI and the Ukrainian spy agency the SBU to go after and flag U.S. social media accounts, including multiple journalists and even a U.S. State Department account.


The FBI was essentially doing the bidding of a foreign spy agency, according to the report, which should concern everyone. The report was based on subpoenaed documents.

“Although the SBU’s lists contained American accounts, neither the FBI nor Meta appeared to raise concerns about the provenance of the SBU’s ‘disinformation’ registries. Instead, the FBI demonstrated a willingness to support and implement the SBU’s calls to take down certain accounts, even though the requests included U.S.-based accounts,” the report says.

FBI agent Aleksandr Kobzanets, who until last year was based in Kyiv, allegedly played a leading role and sent 10 batches of requests to Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, in a single month.

He also sent SBU requests to Google, Google-owned YouTube and Twitter, according to the report.

“[O]n March 14, [2022,] Agent Kobzanets sent an e-mail to a Meta employee, writing, ‘[p]lease see attached a request from the SBU containing Facebook and Instagram accounts believed to be spreading disinformation. The SBU requested your review and if appropriate deletion/suspension of these accounts.’

“[T]he FBI, at the request of the SBU, flagged for social media companies the authentic accounts of Americans, including a verified U.S. State Department account and those belonging to American journalists,” the report says.

“The FBI and SBU repeatedly requested the removal or suspension of authentic accounts expressing unambiguously pro-Ukrainian views, as well as those voicing opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin. At times, the FBI would even follow up with the relevant platform to ensure that ‘these accounts were taken down.’”


It went too far even for pre-Elon Musk Twitter. Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth raised questions about the desire to go after journalists.

“On March 27, 2022, Agent Kobzanets sent an e-mail to Twitter, writing, ‘I am including a list of accounts I received over a couple of weeks from the Security Service of Ukraine. These accounts are suspected by the SBU in spreading fear and disinformation.’

“Agent Kobzanets attached a document from the SBU, similar to those he sent to the other social media platforms, with a list of Twitter accounts allegedly ‘used to disseminate disinformation and fake news,’ among other things.

“In response to Agent Kobzanets’s e-mail, Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety team, warned that the list was a ‘mix of individual accounts… and even a few accounts of American and Canadian journalists.’ Roth concluded his e-mail: ‘Any additional information or context… is of course welcome and appreciated.’ Despite being informed that he had attempted to censor ‘American and Canadian journalists,’ Agent Kobzanets did not acknowledge his malfeasance or withdraw the request. Instead, Agent Kobzanets responded to Roth by saying that it was ‘[u]nlikely there will be any additional information or context.’

This effort by the FBI went on at least until March of last year, noting big requests to Meta at that time.


“The SBU’s most brazen request came just one day after Agent Kobzanets sent the two large spreadsheets to Meta on March 1,” the report says.

“On March 2, Agent Kobzanets sent an e-mail to Meta with the subject line ‘additional accounts received from the SBU – believed to be involved in disinformation.’ In the attachment to that e-mail, the SBU accused the provided list of Instagram accounts of ‘distribut[ing] content that promotes war, inaccurately reflects events in Ukraine, justifies Russian war crimes in Ukraine in violation of international law.’

“Incredibly, on this list was the account @usaporusski, which is the official, verified, Russian-language account of the U.S. State Department. Neither the FBI nor the SBU provides an explanation as to how the U.S. State Department account was ‘involved in disinformation.’”

The report also noted that the “cooperation remains ongoing.” That should also send off warning alarms if the FBI is still involved in this.

When asked about it on Tuesday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who was with Joe Biden in Lithuania for the NATO summit, did not deny the allegations, but said he could not comment because he had “not seen the report.” He claimed that they “strongly support press freedom, media freedom and would support no steps that would be taken to undermine that.”


But that doesn’t match their behavior. They haven’t even been shy about saying in the past that they would flag posts that they found “problematic.” Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even admitted it in July 2021, “We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” That was about COVID-related posts.

The Biden administration was just smacked down last week in a landmark free speech case that essentially barred the government from colluding with social media to censor speech.

The Biden team is appealing and asked for a stay of the injunction the judge had put in place. The judge just leveled them, denying the stay.

The Defendants are asking the Court to grant them relief to a Preliminary Injunction that only bars illegal conduct [emphasis added]. In other words, the only effect of staying the Preliminary Injunction would be to free Defendants to urge, encourage, pressure, or induce the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech on social-media platforms.


The Biden team needs to be stopped on this. This is an incredibly concerning breach of people’s rights if this is true. Even more troubling is the fact that we are serving the purposes of another government as well. Congress needs to stop this, because this shows, again, just how out of control the Biden administration is. They need to be voted out and there has to be a thorough housecleaning to stop this.



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