Republicans Rack up a Big Win Against Biden and for Free Speech in Missouri

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Sometimes justice is poetic, and this year’s July 4th delivered a big win against the Biden administration and for free speech.

According to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a preliminary injunction has been handed down in Missouri v. Biden prohibiting the federal government from continuing to coerce and collude with social media companies to censor speech (under the various guises of “disinformation” that have been used).


Missouri has been leading the battle against the Biden administration’s censorship attempts, with the lawsuit surviving a motion to dismiss back in March. So far, individuals such as Jen Psaki and Anthony Fauci have been deposed given the evidence that both worked with tech companies to suppress information on COVID-19.


While this isn’t the final say in the matter, the injunction is a major victory and will hopefully provide some protection from government-pushed censorship while the matter is fully adjudicated. This started as a case that many predicted would be thrown out. That it’s gotten this far is a very good sign.


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