Sen. Kennedy Sums up the WH Cocaine Mess and Bidenomics Perfectly

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The White House has not been doing a very good job of dealing with the discovery of cocaine in its confines.

The story about where it was found has kept shifting, and they haven’t given us a straight answer. They can’t even tell us why they won’t give us a straight answer. Then, on top of that, they seem to keep trying to blame anyone else — from workers to tourists. They also won’t even commit to telling us if they ultimately figure out who brought it into the White House. Instead, we’re getting this story that it’s “unlikely” they’ll find out who it is.


Indeed, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to scold the press corps, insisting it was “irresponsible” even to ask whether it belonged to Joe or Hunter. Meanwhile, she wouldn’t say deny definitively that it wasn’t theirs. Instead, she claimed the Bidens weren’t in the White House from Friday until they came back on Tuesday. As we reported, that turned out not to be true. KJP got busted by the press report that noted they were, in fact, in the White House on Friday before the cocaine was found on Sunday.

How do they think they can sell this to us? If this were a white powder other than cocaine, would they give that cavalier a response? This is a huge breach in security revealing a big problem — one that could lead to other problems if it is not addressed. When they tell us things that keep shifting and/or aren’t true, it makes one wonder what they are trying to hide.

They’re just hoping they can ride out the news cycle, people will forget, and they can sweep this all under the rug. But this time, that tactic is not going to work, and people aren’t going to forget or stop asking questions. The House Oversight Committee is already demanding answers, and Chair James Comer (R-KY) has shown he is a persistent man when it comes to getting the information he wants.


Sen. John Kennedy had a few words to say about the mess and the failure in general of Biden’s “economic plans.” He did a great summation of Kamala Harris and her word salads the other day; now, he’s taken on Bidenomics and the cocaine find.

He noted that Biden’s main accomplishment since he came into office was to lower the standard of living and quality of life for most Americans.

Kennedy explained that when it came to economics, Joe Biden was like a “hog on ice.” He said he thinks that “history will record” that “Joe Biden is an inflation machine.” He said there were only a couple of ways to get inflation under control: raising interest rates to eight or nine percent, which will “crash the economy and throw millions of people out of work,” or raising it more gradually while getting control of the spending and debt. Kennedy also said that Biden made things worse with his energy policies.

“If my record was as bad as this White House’s record, I’d probably give my staff blow too,” Kennedy said, also quickly noting he was only kidding. But he reminded everyone how they’re making things work, “It’s never the crime; it’s the cover-up.” That’s what could nail people other than the person who brought in the cocaine.


Indeed, Joe Biden has shown a particular skill for somehow always managing to make everything worse. If they can’t even deal with an issue like the cocaine discovered in a straightforward manner, it speaks to their honesty when it comes to everything else.


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