Even MSNBC Isn't Buying the White House Cocaine Line; Biden Ducks Questions Again

We’ve seen the ever-evolving story when it comes to the mystery of the cocaine found in the White House.

Not only does where it was found seem to keep changing, but the Biden team’s response is incredibly lacking in transparency.


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to even clarify where it was found and refused to say why she couldn’t tell us. Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates wouldn’t even commit to saying they would tell us if they determined who the cocaine culprit was. Bates also refused to answer when asked if he would say that it didn’t belong to Hunter or Joe Biden. “Are you willing to say that that’s not the case?” Bates was asked. But Bates was not willing to say that.

Indeed he deflected with a ridiculous excuse saying he couldn’t respond because that might be a violation of the Hatch Act.

Bates got ratioed on that response with even Democrats and lawyers saying that was a terrible excuse, that answering yes or no whether it was or wasn’t Hunter or Joe’s cocaine had nothing to do with the Hatch Act. Moreover, Bates then went on to attack former President and current 2024 leading GOP candidate Donald Trump, in what looked like a violation of the Hatch Act.


Biden’s response has been equally bad. He laughed when asked on Wednesday. He ducked the question on Thursday.

At this point even MSNBC isn’t buying what they have to say, saying it’s “hard to believe” that they can’t track down who the cocaine belonged to with all the cameras in the building. MSNBC also has a map that gives you a good idea of where they’re now saying it is (although who knows that could change again) — in the West Wing basement entrance area.

If you can’t even convince MSNBC, I’m thinking the selling job isn’t going over very well, and the reason is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Plus, the way they’re reacting to it is like they have something to hide and don’t want the truth out there if they can’t even commit to being transparent or denying it was Hunter or Joe’s cocaine.

Biden refused to answer any more questions and even called another early lid on Thursday after he came back from an event in South Carolina at 4:13 p.m., so then they could avoid any more questions about the cocaine.


Hey, why do we have a right to know, right? It’s only a crime in the house that we pay for, they don’t have to tell us anything.

But notice something else about Biden’s arrival back in D.C. — he’s not going down the usual long Air Force One steps, he’s using the short stairs now in recent days, with fewer steps.

Is this finally an acknowledgment that he has a tripping problem and that long stairs are problematic? It sure looks like it.

But early lids and short stairs aren’t going to hide the fact that we have a problem in the White House.


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