Biden and AOC Reveal Just How Little They Understand About the Constitution or SCOTUS

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about some of the bizarre things that Joe Biden said about the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action on Thursday. I wanted to talk a little bit more about what he said and what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said to show that the Democrats just are clueless when it comes to the Constitution and the Supreme Court.


What Biden said revealed how he doesn’t understand the Constitution or the Supreme Court. He said, “We cannot let this decision be the last word.”

Yet, that’s exactly what the Supreme Court is: the last word on the subject, legally. The right response is: “I may not agree with the decision but the Court has spoken.” But instead, he attacked the Court, calling it not a “normal court” — because it doesn’t do what he wants it to do. But he doesn’t seem to care that sounds a bit “insurrection-y” — he’s attacking the legitimacy of the Court.

“While the Court can render a decision, it cannot change what America stands for,” Biden claimed. America stands for the rule of law that Joe Biden seems to be questioning here. What Joe Biden is conveniently leaving out also is that America doesn’t stand for discrimination against Asian-Americans or any people — but that’s what was going on in this case, and that’s why SCOTUS properly tossed it out. Biden would have kept that discrimination in place.

Biden couldn’t even get the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence straight. He quoted the Declaration of Independence but then claimed what he was saying was from the Constitution.


How disturbing is it when the alleged leader of our nation can’t get our founding documents straight?

Then the discussion of calling the Court “anti-Democratic” is pretty hilarious since it’s not supposed to be “democratic” — it was specifically set up not to follow the whims of the people, but to follow the rule of law as set out in the Constitution. Yet Biden didn’t say that; he said the Court wasn’t as “embracing” of the Constitution as he was — as he was getting the Constitution wrong. He said that the Court didn’t view all men and women were created equal, even as that’s exactly what the Court did, saying that the colleges should not be discriminating based on race. Indeed, it’s Joe Biden and the Democrats who are not embracing that “all men are created equal” — they seem to embrace the more Orwellian Animal Farm interpretation that “some are more equal than others.”

He also talked about the SCOTUS decision in the Dobbs case, “The idea that there’s no right of privacy in the Constitution. Giving states power. That we fought a war over in 1960.”

If we try and unravel that Biden confusion, I think he means 1860. But there is no right to privacy in the Constitution. And if he’s questioning that “states have power” again, he seems not to understand the Constitution. Yes, the states have power under the Constitution — they always have — and yes, it’s up to legislatures to legislate, not the courts to be activists and create laws themselves.


As we also reported, Michelle Obama responded to the ruling, talking about “equity and fairness,” and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) weighed in, claiming this was rolling back “racial justice.” How strange it is for them to claim they care about racial justice when they think it’s “fair” to discriminate against Asian Americans.

But for the wrap-up bad Democratic comment of the day, let’s go to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

If SCOTUS was serious about their ludicrous “colorblindness” claims, they would have abolished legacy admissions, aka affirmative action for the privileged.

70% of Harvard’s legacy applicants are white. SCOTUS didn’t touch that – which would have impacted them and their patrons.

This is such a typical liberal response.

First, the case had nothing at all to do with legacy applicants. SCOTUS “didn’t touch that” because it had nothing to do with the matter before it. They can’t just rule on matters not even before them. What a failure to truly understand the role of the Court.

Then, on top of that, she says 70 percent of the “legacy applicants” were white — the folks who had connections or family who went to the school before. And so? They’re not being admitted because they’re white; they’re being admitted because their family members were alumni. What does that have to do with anything? Does she think that should be stopped? Great, join conservatives in arguing that all shots to the schools should be based on merit alone. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) called for the end of legacy-based admissions. But the Court deals with legal questions, and the legal question was on racial discrimination.


AOC thinks she’s playing some kind of “gotcha game” with that remark but instead, it falls woefully flat. She just reveals how she doesn’t understand the purpose of the Court or the issues that most Americans had with the discrimination in this case.



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