Don Lemon's New Remarks About His CNN Firing Are Hilarious

Former CNN host Don Lemon got booted from the network in April after his continuing controversies were just too much for then-CEO Chris Licht.

But now, Lemon is talking about his firing, and what he’s saying about it is pretty funny.


What was the problem, according to him?

Lemon spoke to a local ABC station in Memphis, Tennessee, where he went to speak to the Memphis chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). According to Lemon, his problem is that he’s too truthful and trying to fulfill the promise of the Constitution. Yes, hard to believe, but he had the gall to say that.



I have a responsibility — not only as a journalist but as an American — to tell the truth and to abide by the promises of the Constitution. Because the Constitution says a more perfect union, not a perfect union. I’m not a perfect person. No one is…In order to fulfill the promise of the Constitution, we have to stand up for what is right. We have to stand up for the truth.

Lemon said that he didn’t believe in “platforming liars, and bigots, and um, you know, insurrectionists and election deniers, and putting them on the same footing as people who are telling the truth, fighting for what’s right, people who are abiding by the Constitution.”

“I think that would be a dereliction of journalistic duty to do those sorts of things. That is what has gotten me to this point, and that is what is going to carry me forward,” Lemon said.


This part was especially rich. “To know that I am standing up and abiding by the Constitution, which my profession demands that I do because we are listed in the First Amendment of the Constitution, which is freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press,” Lemon claimed.

He’s the hero of the Constitution, you see, not the guy who constantly sounds like a Democratic talking point. And does he know what network he worked for? By the way, even his former network accused him of inaccuracy in his prior remarks on the firing.

Lemon seems to have forgotten the facts that surrounded the firing as he talks about the “truth,” including that the network was upset with how he was dealing with his female colleagues and blowing up on set. The network also had the 57-year-old Lemon publicly apologize when he referred to Republican Nikki Haley, 51, as being not in her “prime.” The network made him take training, and he called his comments “inartful and irrelevant” in his apology. However, he never apologized to Haley in his effort to try to clean up his actions.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also noted the controversy surrounding him that appears to have finally pushed CNN to part ways with Lemon.


As to what Lemon’s next move is, he says he’s just going to hang out a bit. He may just have a long time to do exactly that — I’m not sure who is going to be hot to snap him up, given how difficult he’s been.


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