More Info About Devon Archer Talking to Oversight Committee May Have Bidens Sweating

Joe Biden may be trying to duck questions about the bribery form, as you can see here and here. He doesn’t seem to think that American people have any right to know the truth.


However, Biden ducking the questions isn’t stopping the investigation. It involves far more than just that one incident, although that certainly is the thing that has justifiably grabbed a lot of attention now since it allegedly involved bribing Biden and his son Hunter for actions while Joe was vice president.

As we reported, the House Oversight Committee has new information coming in which Chair James Comer (R-KY) thinks will bring the records of payments they can document to the Bidens from foreign nationals to about $30 million, and they’re not done yet.

They’ve also subpoenaed Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, to testify about what he knows. Archer was a critical figure and likely has a ton of information that he could reveal about all the dealings with foreign nationals. According to a Committee aide, he was supposed to give a deposition to the Committee on Friday but is now in talks with them, negotiating another date to appear.

Now that’s interesting, considering Comer has been very assiduous about holding people to his subpoenas until they comply (as we saw with his dealings with the FBI to get the bribery form). The fact that they’re being accommodating to Archer, suggests to me that they view Archer as being cooperative and are willing to wait for what they think he has. That could spell bad news for the Bidens since he has a wealth of knowledge.

Archer was on the Burisma board with Hunter. He was also involved in their business dealings including with Russian and Chinese nationals, as we’ve detailed extensively. As I wrote last year, he and Hunter met with a man close to Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Yevtushenkov.


Yetushenkov was sanctioned last year by the U.K. and Australia, but not the U.S., in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Archer can disprove one statement made by Joe Biden — that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings. White House logs indicate that Archer met with Joe Biden in 2014 when he was on the Burisma board and Biden was vice president and the point man on Ukraine.

Archer also was involved in Hunter Biden’s efforts to help Russian oligarchs, including the billionaire former first lady of Moscow Yelena Baturina, to purchase US property — resulting in an alleged $3.5 million transfer from Baturina that surfaced during the 2020 presidential election.

Hunter Biden and Archer reportedly met with Baturina after that Feb. 14, 2014, transfer — in April 2014 at Lake Como in Italy.

We’ve reported how Baturina was invited to the dinner at the Cafe Milano restaurant in D.C. with Joe Biden. That dinner also included Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi and Kazakhstani business reps associates who posed for a photo with the Bidens.

Baturina has also managed to avoid U.S. sanctions.

The Bidens have to be sweating about this guy talking.



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