Left Melts Down After Fox News Chyron Gives Biden a Jaw-Dropping Label

I wrote about the ridiculous chyrons that PBS appended to former President Donald Trump’s speech in Bedminster, N.J. on Tuesday night in the wake of his arraignment.


Trump’s remarks were a measured breakdown of some of his likely defenses to the charges. Yet as PBS carried his remarks, they ran chyrons warning people “Violent rhetoric has escalated in online forums and far-right militia groups since Trump’s federal indictment.” They also ran another one, “Experts warn that inflammatory rhetoric from elected officials or people in power can prompt individual actors to commit acts of violence.”

When Joe Biden delivered his “red speech” in Philadelphia, and demonized millions of MAGA Americans as a threat to the very foundation of the Republic, PBS had no such chyrons, despite Biden trying to whip up anger against millions of Americans. The chyrons last night were a seeming attempt to smear Trump with violence despite him not saying anything to suggest violence. Some liberal media like CNN and MSNBC didn’t even cover his remarks live because of their bias.

Fox was one of the networks to cover it live, but they too had a chyron issue that is causing a meltdown by the left. While Fox and Trump have been on the outs, it looks like at least whoever was behind the chyron had a point they wanted to make.

Trump was talking about how Hillary Clinton didn’t have the power to declassify anything in her classified document scandal. The chyron said, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.” The chyron ran just before 9 p.m. during the remarks.


Biden was delivering Juneteenth remarks, but those didn’t get anywhere near the attention that Trump’s remarks did, so if he was hoping to upstage Trump’s remarks, Biden didn’t succeed. Fox didn’t even play the sound from his remarks.

It infuriated people on the left. They weren’t yelling about the inappropriateness of the PBS chyrons but they were upset about the Fox one which ran under a split screen of Biden and Trump and labeled Biden a “wannabe dictator.”

Some argued the White House should cut off Fox from briefings or that their advertisers should now cut them off.

The White House already has trouble being transparent, so cutting reporters out of their briefing would just add to the problems they already are having with the American people. That would be further cutting off their nose to spite their face.


A journalism professor warned the left that they were spreading the claim further by commenting on it.

Folks on the right thought the Fox chyron was hilarious and on point.

Chances are it was a mistake/anomaly, rather than a greater comment by Fox. Maybe it was meant for Sean Hannity’s opinion show, but the PBS ones appeared intentional.

Representatives for Fox News did not immediately respond to requests for comment, according to a New York Times report. That suggests to me it was a mistake and Fox is now trying to track down what happened.



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