WH Stomps on Girls' Rights With Orwellian Remark About Competing With Trans Athletes

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems to think her job is not to answer the questions that reporters ask of her. This, after the Biden team tried to claim they were the most transparent administration ever, when they’ve been anything but.


KJP seems to think it’s her job to engage in attacks on the other side. The latest is that she was just found to have violated the Hatch Act before the midterms when she attacked “Mega Maga Republicans” from the White House podium and made other remarks disparaging Republicans during a briefing on November 2. That was somewhat ironic since Jean-Pierre is always trying to use the Hatch Act as an excuse not to answer questions.

KJP has also tried to uphold the radical positions of Joe Biden, even those that are trying to stomp all over the rights of women, including one proposed rule to trample Title IX.

EWTN’s Owen Jensen asked Jean-Pierre, “In light of this administration’s proposed changes to Title IX, does the WH worry about the physical safety of females directly competing against males in sports?”

Her first remarks were that it was a “complicated” situation and a “proposed rule” that people could comment on. But then she went over the edge in her next remarks.


Jensen asked, “What would [Biden] say to parents…who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male…and worried about their daughters’ safety?”

Karine Jean-Pierre’s response was next-level wrong. According to her, it was a “dangerous thing to say” that Jensen even raised these concerns about protecting girls and keeping them safe in physical competition. We have gone full-on into the Orwellian state, with Jean-Pierre chastising him for even daring to bring up this very real safety concern. It doesn’t matter if girls are endangered, all must bend to the will of the state to impose their will regarding transgender people. And if you question it you are endangering “transgender kids.” “That’s irresponsible,” KJP said, chastising Jensen for being bad. Protecting girls is “irresponsible,” according to KJP.


Ironically, she thinks she’s on the right side of the issue here.

No, what Jensen and others are endangering when they ask such questions is the Democratic narrative when they ask how this is fair to girls or women. The Democratic narrative is that doesn’t matter, and implicitly girls and women don’t matter, only the Democratic agenda on transgender people matters. And what she said in the second clip doesn’t even match what she said in the first clip. She said there are a broad range of views so they were going to have discussion on the rule. But, clearly, she thinks it’s only “discussion” that they approve of that’s allowed. So parents, if you had this question about the safety of your daughters, shut up. You’re irresponsible, according to Joe Biden.


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