Kirby's Responses on Spy Balloon and China Raise Even More Questions About Biden Being Compromised

Have you been wondering how that investigation into the Chinese spy balloon is going?

The Biden team’s response to that question and about China on Wednesday will not only make your head spin, but it will also raise every question you ever had about Joe Biden being compromised.


A reporter asked National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby when they could expect the results of the investigation into the spy balloon. Kirby’s answer was something else.

“Just to be clear, there’s not an investigation going on,” Kirby claimed. “There was forensic analysis done on the material we recovered from the payload of the spy balloon. That was done by the FBI in Quantico largely, and I don’t know the status.”

So wait, they let the balloon fly all across the country, over critical military installations and now they’re trying to tell us there isn’t any investigation of what happened? Aren’t we going to find out how much they stole? Can we say how much the Biden team is trying to shove this under the rug and hope the story goes away?

This also contradicts what they previously said — that there was an investigation going on.


They have told lie after lie on the matter, and it looks like they’re trying to slip it by us once again.

Even in the wake of China spying on us, Biden’s response was he wasn’t looking for conflict and the relationship with China hadn’t taken a big hit when it should have. What a completely bizarre reaction.

Remember that phone call to China that Biden said he was going to make to hold them to account? That never happened either. Not only did they spy on us, but they treat Joe Biden like they can do whatever they want, run right over him, and blow off any call.

We reported earlier about concerns regarding the Chinese spy threat in Alaska. Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) pointed out the Biden team refuses to even call out the Chinese on their pushing fentanyl to our country. Hagerty said that they’d seen the State Department “pulling down critical statements” against China, presumably because they don’t want to offend them.


How bad is the situation? Newsmax’s James Rosen asked Kirby on Wednesday, why he refused to call China or Russia “evil” or even what they are doing as “evil.”

“I don’t see what it is that prohibits you from calling a spade a spade and saying [Russia and China] are evil regimes — which you refused to do in our earlier colloquy?” Rosen asked.

“I appreciate your advice on policy,” Kirby said, wryly, not appreciating it at all.


But Kirby refused to do it. Yet he claimed that they had been speaking pretty “plainly” those countries about their behavior. And yet they haven’t, at least when it comes to China. Not at all. And that’s the worst possible thing to do regarding China, which respects strength.

So we have two choices here. Either Joe Biden is the worst, most ignorant person to occupy the Oval Office ever and has no idea what the heck is going on when it comes to China (or anything else for that matter), and/or he’s compromised. Either way, his actions are endangering our safety and are failing to protect the United States.


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