WATCH: Jamaal Bowman Reveals the Insane Place Dems Want to Take Us on Energy

Jamaal Bowman wants to end fossil fuels completely. (Credit: CNN/Tom Elliott)

There are a lot of questions about the debt deal that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) came to with Joe Biden.

It’s not at all clear that they will have the votes for it, with folks from the right and the left having an issue with it.


Among the issues that the folks on the left have is the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) which seems to have slipped its way into the bill. That’s the pipeline that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) desperately wants completed, as it impacts his state. My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about Manchin and the trouble he’s in for his seat in West Virginia if he runs again. This might help him if it stays in. But Sen. Time Kaine (D-VA) wants an amendment to strip that provision from the bill.

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner, also from Virginia, said he will still vote for the bill, even though he doesn’t want the MVP to run through the area.


But perhaps the craziest comment was from Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY). Not only did he speak against the MVP, saying they fought so hard to stop the “Joe Manchin pipeline from being built.” Why? Is that particular pipeline unsafe or does it have any greater issues? Nope, that’s not the reason, according to Bowman in this interview.

Bowman says number one the reason is, “We need to stop drilling for fossil fuels completely.”

Number two? “We need an expedited way to get us to clean, renewable energy or we will continue to have these severe weather events that we have been having for quite some time because of the warming of the planet,” Bowman argued.

Then “finally” the “work requirement piece” — which has nothing to do with the pipeline, although it does have to do with the greater debt deal. He seems to have gotten confused and forgot he was specifically listing reasons against the pipeline.


But Republicans should play this on a loop as an ad for Americans in the upcoming election — this is how crazy Democrats are and where they want to take us. They want to stop fossil fuels completely. Joe Biden has said it in the past but then tried to hide that that was his position when the gas prices ballooned out of control. But Bowman says the quiet part out loud here, and it isn’t just him, as we see Kaine and even Warner, whose supposed to be something of a moderate by today’s standards, speaking out against the MVP.

Do they understand how much runs on fossil fuels? If the world were to stop fossil fuels completely now, as suggested by Bowman, that would not only destroy the economy and cause massive chaos, it would likely starve/kill a lot of the poor people he claims to care about. Renewables can’t accommodate the demand, and we already see places like California not being able to deal with stresses to the grid. Imagine if they had to deal with all vehicles and homes going electric. Not to mention that the production of electricity still relies to some degree on — you guessed it — fossil fuels.

These threats make the industry insecure, which makes people hesitant to invest. That harms our energy independence, which is incredibly damaging for the country.


Plus, how ridiculous it is that he thinks that this is what is causing “severe weather.”

Play this for Americans, coupled with Joe Biden’s commitment to eliminate fossil fuels and a few facts, and you’re going to win independents who realize how insane they are.

Meanwhile, here’s Joe Biden’s heavy use of fossil fuels over the Memorial Day weekend.

Bottom line? We are the carbon they want to reduce.



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