Joe Biden Chases a Bout of Senility With Outright Delusion at Japan G7

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Joe Biden remains in Japan, wasting valuable time at the G7 to make commitments he can’t keep. Early Sunday morning, the president pledged $250 million to the World Bank’s “pandemic fund.” You know, because we haven’t already wasted enough money on bottomless, global slush funds.


Meanwhile, back in the United States, the fiscal cliff approaches, and it was wholly created by the president’s unwillingness to have basic negotiations with Republicans. What does Biden think of that? Well, he’s certain that he’s totally blameless in the situation.

For reference, this is what outright delusion looks like.

I actually have little doubt that Biden is telling the truth there in so far as what he believes. I’m sure his far-left handlers are telling him just that in an effort to get him to push things into the realm of illegality by invoking the 14th Amendment or printing a trillion-dollar coin. I’m also sure that, just as Biden says, the press will claim he did a wonderful job no matter what.

But it’s important to provide the facts, and as RedState covered Saturday, the facts say that a huge majority of Americans want a debt ceiling deal that includes concessions on the deficit. According to the latest AP-NORC poll, only 19 percent want to raise the debt ceiling with no conditions while 63 percent want a deal along Republican lines. That’s wipe-out territory for the White House’s messaging strategy, and no amount of fluffing by the press in Japan is going to change that with the deadline fast approaching.


As I explained during my write-up on that poll, Biden and his handlers miscalculated. Back in January, the bet was that Republicans simply would not be able to pass a bill that avoids a default.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy won the day, though, getting a reasonable deal through that has garnered broad public support. So no, Biden will not be “blameless” if the country defaults. Rather, he will receive the lion’s share of the blame, and rightly so. Hopefully, Republicans are brave enough to follow through if it comes to that.

But look, I understand that you didn’t click on this article just for the nuts and bolts. You also came to stare awestruck at just how senile the President of the United States is, and unfortunately, that was on full display for the entire world to witness.

At one point, Biden claimed he won’t agree to a deal that protects crypto traders.

The further context is that Republicans want basic work requirements for welfare, something that Democrats not only used to support but championed during the Clinton administration. Regardless, Biden bringing up crypto traders is just such a weird talking point. What does crypto trading have to do with welfare work requirements and the debt ceiling? Are we supposed to think that trading crypto is inherently corrupt?


The president also tried to take credit for something that occurred four years before he took office.

The Quad was actually established in 2007 under the Bush administration. It was re-established in 2017 after going dormant following a series of five different meetings between the countries. All those involved released statements expressing their commitment to reform. No matter how you slice it, Biden did not “convince” the Asian nations involved to form The Quad. As I’ve said many times, Biden is Forrest Gump, except he thinks it’s real. He tries to put himself at the center of everything even when the facts so obviously contradict him.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Biden conference without abject incoherence.

Here’s an exact transcription minus the vocal fumbles and pauses.

And there’s a lot of other. For example, the idea that we’re, in terms of taxes that they refused to, for example, we, I was able to balance the budget and pass everything from the, a global warming bill, anyway. I was able to cut it by $1.7 billion dollars in the first two years, deficit that we err, were accumulating. And because I was able to say to it that the 55 corporations in America that made 4400 billion dollars, or 40 billion dollars, 400 billion dollars, that they had paid zero in tax, zero.


I have no idea what he’s talking about. He did not “balance the budget,” something that hasn’t been done since the late 1990s. That’s just a blatant lie, followed by another one where he claimed to cut the deficit. The deficit has been somewhat lowered from the peak Biden chose to reach in spending. That only happened, though, because pre-determined cutoff dates for COVID-19 spending were reached.

But who needs facts when you have a president who can hide behind his obvious senility? At any given moment, it’s hard to tell if he’s just that far gone or if he’s just that dishonest. The real answer is both.


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