WATCH: Patriot Front Guys Appear Again, Mockery Ensues

Patriot Front marches around Washington, D.C. (Credit: RawsAlerts.)

In case you didn’t hear about it yet, that group the “Patriot Front” was marching around Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

The group is painted by the media as right-wing. But unlike organizations like BLM, Antifa, and the Proud Boys, the Patriot Front doesn’t seem to do much more than march around, all dressed alike, carrying the same flags and covering their faces so no one can tell who they are. This is not at all typical of the “right-wing” that the media paints them as — the right is generally very anti-mask. They don’t hide their faces.


They got a lot of mockery from folks on all sides of the political aisle.

Many asked, if they’re so “proud” then why are they hiding their faces?

Suddenly they re-appeared as if right on cue, just as Joe Biden was trying to claim during his commencement speech at Howard University that “white supremacy” is the biggest threat we face.

The police were escorting them to keep them apart from any counter-protesters to prevent any problems. But they also effectively prevented anyone from following them (and maybe figuring out where they were going) when they all went down the stairs into the Metro.

You can see when they get to the bottom that one of them even gives a sort of a hat tip/thank you signal to the police for the escort.

Here’s a throwback to Joe Rogan and Matt Taibbi laughing and mocking these guys a couple of years ago. “Look at these guys,” Joe Rogan yelled, “Where’s the fat people?”


Warning for graphic language:

“How come they’re all wearing the same clothes?” Rogan shouted. “Have you ever seen anything that looks more like feds?” he said, as Taibbi laughed.

“It’s like the 101 Airborne,” Taibbi said.

Rogan noted how all the members had on the same outfits, with the same color pants. He even laughed at the guy who had a drum, asking him, “B**ch, are you Paul Revere?”

“This is so stupid, it hurts my feelings,” Rogan declared.

“Why are they wearing masks by the way?” Taibbi asked.

“Because they’re cowards,” Rogan responded. “Or they’re feds.”

They then referenced the federal informant’s involvement in the case of the alleged kidnapping plot against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Taibbi then went back to the history of the FBI, noting it was “notorious” in the 60s and 70s that they infiltrated groups. He noted it used to be understood on the left that the FBI did this kind of stuff. Yet he noted that it was wild that the left disbelieves it suddenly now when they used to understand it before.


Now the authorities claim that the group are not feds and, as we’ve noted, some of them were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, so some of them were identified. But it’s actually pretty funny that if they aren’t astroturfed, why would they go to all this trouble with the coordinated outfits, the flags, the shields, and the U-Hauls — and all anyone does is make fun of them and mock them? If the internet thinks they’re feds, what extremist would join them? It must kill their recruiting.


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