Elon Confirms Linda Yaccarino Is New Twitter CEO, as More Info Comes out on Her

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We reported earlier that the purported person that Elon Musk was picking for the job as Twitter CEO was Linda Yaccarino, who was previously the global chair for advertising and partnerships at NBC Universal. She resigned from that job on Friday morning, and Musk has now made it official.


“I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter,” Musk tweeted Friday. He said that Yaccarino “will focus primarily on business operations,” while he turns focuses on “product design & new technology.”

Musk said that they would be working on making the platform into the “everything app” — where you could go for all your needs, to even buy things from the platform, for example. So he’s likely looking at her for the business possibilities, as well as helping the site’s ad position.

But as I noted earlier, there were concerning things in her background, like her working on WEF committees and for NBC. That’s raised a lot of concerns for people, about whether the platform would remain true to what Musk had promised in terms of free speech. Musk has not only said in the past that he wants to ensure free speech, but he has also criticized the WEF and spoken out against the “woke mind virus,” which he identified as a threat to the world. He said he thought it was pushing civilization to “suicide.” He’s also endured a lot of attacks from the left because of his position.


Musk said on Thursday that the decision would not result in a return to shadow bans.

This is an exchange that he had with Yaccarino, which is concerning because it talks about the importance of advertisers influencing content.

Now, Musk gives the right answer in the exchange here about advertisers, that they shouldn’t be able to diminish free speech. He’s already seen how that works, so he likely doesn’t want that. But Yaccarino talks about it in terms of “content moderation,” and that’s already something he’s said in the past he doesn’t want the advertisers to be able to control—what people want to say. So, there’s an issue right there.

Billboard Chris said that in the short term, she might be good for advertising revenue but long term, he thought choosing her was a mistake.

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Musk, who has always been very receptive to problems and has brought back a lot of people who were banned off the platform during the liberal purges, said that he cared more about ensuring freedom of speech, and asked people to give it a chance.

People are coming down on both sides, with some tweeting that she may be more moderate than the WEF connection might suggest.

Vox is even reporting that she’s a Trump supporter and a conservative—a concept that is disturbing leftists now.

Although Yaccarino is not vocal about her political beliefs, it’s well known in the advertising community that she’s conservative, according to several sources. She served on former President Donald Trump’s Council on Sports and Nutrition, and many have noted that she likes and follows conservative accounts on Twitter.


Elon said he would have a Twitter Spaces discussion, where people could share any concerns they have with him and Yaccarino.

We shall have to see. Musk has shown in the past that when he’s made a mistake, he’s not afraid to own up to it and fix it. Let’s hope this isn’t one, but if it is, he still has the power to ax her if he needs to.



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