Delusional April Ryan Revives Old Border Patrol Lie that Even Mayorkas Can't Stomach

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas took questions on Thursday on the lifting of Title 42, which is going to make the border crisis so much worse, as thousands more are already lining up to flood into the country. It’s already shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster and Mayorkas showed that he was utterly clueless, yet again.


But if we didn’t have enough crazy from Mayorkas already, reporter April D. Ryan decided to try to add her special brand of insanity into the mix. Remember the phony story that the media spread about the Haitians being whipped by the Border Patrol? That was debunked a long time ago. But not in the mind of April Ryan.

Here she is during the briefing claiming the Haitians were whipped. Mayorkas has to stop her and say that didn’t happen.

Ryan said that she saw it “differently.” Notice she’s still wearing a mask in the briefing room.

Yet, even after being corrected by Mayorkas, she still went on Twitter to push the fake claim.

She posted this picture, which does not show the CBP agent whipping anyone, writing “Maybe it’s just me but.”


Investigation? Debunked claim? It doesn’t matter to April Ryan, because she constructs her reality based upon unicorn gas.

Fox’s Bill Melugin and others corrected her.

“It’s just you,” Melugin explained. “Pushing a completely false, debunked narrative after a lengthy investigation. Debunked even by the photographer who took these photos. Those are split reins used to control the horse. Nobody was whipped.”

But that didn’t stop her. She was still going at it, trying to promote the claim, regardless of the facts. Not only is she a horrible fact-challenged journalist, but she can’t spell.

It’s “rein,” not “reign.” And the rein is swinging in front of the Haitian man, not hitting him. Ryan fails on understanding the camera perspective, too.

She then retweeted this crazy claim that not only continued with the phony whipping story, but added something about a “horse stomping.”


This was one of the few times Mayorkas didn’t tap dance. He was very definitive that there was no whipping, as was everyone involved, including the photographer who took the pictures of what happened.

But Ryan wasn’t done quite yet. She then claimed that a White House official told her that “they questioned the report too.”

First of all, I don’t believe her for a minute. But if that were true, then the agents who were involved should get on the horn with their lawyers again and start going after people for defamation. The White House and Mayorkas knew that this claim was untrue from the beginning, yet went after the agents because they didn’t want to be honest about what had happened. Enough is enough with this lie.



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