Trans Activists Disrupt Proceedings in Texas Capitol, Police Deliver a Decisive Response

Texas DPS takes on trans activists at Capitol in Austin. Credit: Charlotte Scott

Joe Biden and most of the Democrats seem to be all in on the trans misnomer of “gender-affirming care” for minors. That’s what they call permanently mutilating children, cutting off body parts, and damaging them with puberty blocker hormones. You have to be 18 to get a tattoo, but somehow cutting off breasts is cool before 18 by this twisted logic.


Republicans have been defending children, trying to pass bills that ban such permanent change for minors. But that has infuriated people on the left, causing trans activists to disrupt and obstruct the official proceedings in multiple state capitols where the bills are being considered. The Democrats have been all for these “transurrections,” as some have called them. Joe Biden even had three Tennessee lawmakers who were involved in disrupting proceedings in Nashville to the White House to honor them. Biden bizarrely claimed that the three facing consequences through a democratic vote was “undemocratic.” Yet their disruption of democratic proceedings was, I guess, the height of democracy to befuddled Joe. Seven were arrested in Montana last week in the trans action there.

Another “transurrection” took place on Tuesday. This time it was at the state capitol in Austin, Texas as lawmakers tried to take up consideration of one of these bills. People from the gallery started chanting and disrupting the proceedings. They hung a sign saying “Why are you sooo obsessed with me?” with a picture of fingernails being polished on it. The real question is why are legal adults so interested in kids undergoing these radical changes to their bodies? Especially when they can cause permanent damage to a children. When they wouldn’t shut up and let business continue, House Speaker Dade Phalen cleared the gallery and threw them all out.


KXAN’s Ryan Chandler caught the action.

A couple caused problems and the police had to forcibly remove them.

They were moved out into the rotunda where they chanted, “Protect trans kids.”

The bill does protect kids, that’s what’s so wild about the chant. But this is how they reacted to someone who disagreed with them, ironically screaming “No place for hate” right in his face because he wants to protect kids.


The police then told them they were too loud and the legislature could not conduct business. They said if the activists continued, they would have to leave. The radicals took that as a sign that they were succeeding and chanted louder, chanting “Transphobia has got to go.”

But it’s Texas, so the police weren’t messing around — it’s the activists and their fake “transphobia” who “got to go.” First, they were cleared out of the second floor to the first, then they were cleared out of the building completely when they refused to shut up.

Along the way, some got into a fight with the cops. That was not a wise move, as multiple cops let them know, taking one down and into custody.

Another reporter caught another angle where you can see that the protester had the retractable belt barrier in her hands that the police were trying to get across the stairway to keep the protesters from coming back up the stairs. This also shows more people mixing it up with the police.


We’re not hearing from local media yet exactly how many were arrested yet, but it looks like a few. The bill wasn’t brought to a vote on Tuesday because of a Democratic procedural move, but it will be brought to a vote very shortly. So the activists can throw all the tantrums they want, but it looks like they will not prevail because the votes are there for passage.



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