Even CNN Admits Latest Numbers Show Biden Is in Deep Trouble for 2024

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I’m not sure what polls mean this far out from the 2024 race but we do know that many tend to go heavy on democratic sampling.

But when even CNN is pointing out how bad things are looking for Joe Biden and they can’t get around it, that needs to get some attention.


Joe Biden has been playing this game, saying he’s planning on running but not declaring. As we reported, the word is after a lot of delays, that he may be announcing his run this week, likely on Tuesday. The report, from the Washington Post, also claims the Democrats are going to try to go with no debates, attempting to freeze out the other declared candidates. They might be able to get away with that if it were just Marianne Williamson. But with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, the other declared candidate, polling some significant numbers — according to one poll he’s already getting 14 percent — Democrats may get ripped apart by members of their party if they are so cowardly as to not have debates and try to install Joe, particularly in light of Joe Biden’s bad numbers and unpopularity. But we’ve seen this cowardly game before with Democrats when they cheated for Hillary Clinton and tried to freeze out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

CNN anchor John King had to admit that Joe Biden was in big trouble in terms of a reelection campaign.

Biden’s polling is still in the basement and more than half of Democrats — 52 percent — don’t want him to run again, according to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. If even Democrats don’t want him, imagine when you broaden that out to the opinion of all Americans. As we noted earlier in the month, less than one-third of Americans thought that he deserved to be reelected.


King laid out all the issues and one of the other big numbers that just cut Biden’s legs out from under him for re-election.

“Nearly three-quarters of Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction,” King said. “Joe Biden is asking for four more years. When 74 percent of Americans think the country is heading the wrong way it’s hard for the boss to say ‘Give me four more years.'” He correctly noted this is “a giant challenge” for Joe Biden.

King wasn’t done yet. He laid out some of Biden’s infirmities and he wasn’t shy about it.

He noted Biden “clearly has liabilities” and “he’s 80 years old. He will be 82 on Inauguration Day 2025.”

“Do the American people want that?” he asked. Do they want four more years of Joe Biden, he asked. The way the question was phrased it was clear the answer was no.

King spoke about some of Biden’s bad policies and some of the significant failures that he’s had.


“Immigration is an issue where the Biden Administration, the numbers are not working in his favor, and the Republicans plan to make a very big deal of that,” he said. “Inflation and recession fears, obviously, issue number one. Where is the economy six months from now and nine months from now compared to today?” King acknowledged this was a “tough challenge” with a record like Biden has, as an incumbent.

But the Democrats in power behind the scenes appear to be ready to put their money on Biden, and that’s a bad bet in anyone’s book.



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